Action-packed games often have that charisma of offering players a battle experience they would have never experienced before. Though there are plenty of games that provide such expertise, few happen to be much different, better detailed and offer a surreal warfare experience. Today, we have one such game up for discussion. 

FULL NAME:Command and Conquer Generals

What is command and conquer generals?

Reminiscent of its name, it’s quite the game that lets users in the foot of generals create their township and expand it. With this, players can battle other players or other cities to conquer it using different battle weaponry and battleships. 

The game offers quite the 3D experience in getting that immersive experience and has a hands-on moment in strategizing your battling sequences while expanding your town or city. The game is broadly available on the Windows platform. 

Key features of the game. 

Great gameplay features. 

Command & Conquer Generals 2 - EU Faction - YouTube

The game provides quite different gameplay features where players can build their city/town and expand it, and then battling other cities to conquer it. The graphics are quite unbelievable, as well as it showcases all the aftereffects of a shot or blast and much more with utmost detail. 

Immersive animations. 

The animations in the game are what make it outshine other games in the category. It’s quite the diabolical affair where the tanks and all the effects of shooting and blasting things are depicted accurately. 

Surplus weaponries to choose from. 

There are tanks, airplanes, bombs, air bombs, guns, artillery, and much more to choose from. The further you progress, the broader the options start to get. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • CPU – Pentium. 
  • OS – Windows XP or higher. 
  • RAM – 512MB. 
  • Storage – 1GB. 
  • VRAM – 64MB. 

How to download and install it on PC?

Download the game. 

The game can be found on surplus third party sites that may/may not have the game. But finding it is relatively simple and is one google search away. 

Install it. 

Once downloaded, then install the game as per your settings and preference. 


After the successful installation of the game, enjoy playing it to your heart’s content. 

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