Arcade-style fighting games have elevated the fighting genre of classic games in the ’90s. But with the radical improvement of technology making it feasible for game developers to create interesting arcade-style gaming games, there was no looking back. Thousands of titles were released in the late 90s and early 2000s, but one prominent title that stands out from the rest is Comix Zone which we are going to discuss in detail. 

FULL NAME:Comix Zone

What is Comix Zone?

Comix Zone is fantasy-oriented arcade-style gaming that lets user dwell into an entirely new universe. The story revolves around Sketch Turner, who happens to be a comic book artist. But in the comic strip, there lays a villain by the name Mortus who warps into the real world and traps your character inside the comic book. 

To get out, you will have to face different renditions of your own story and defeat every chapter to gain access to another chapter. In the end, the final boss stage would decide your faith in the game. 

The game is quite old school with great gameplay features and ensures that the user would remain engaged towards the game. The game undoubtedly had its fair share of platforms where it was released. It was on Sega Genesis, Windows 95, and game boy advance. 

Comix Zone
Comix Zone

Which Emulator to use?

Though there are plenty of platforms where the game was released, we are going to suggest you the best emulator for the Sega Genesis platform. Through our extensive research and findings, Kega Fusion was the optimal emulator that we found exciting and user friendly. 

Why choose Kega Fusion?

There are not one but several reasons as to why we recommend using this emulator. The compatibility is the most significant selling factor of this emulator and supports other Sega oriented gaming consoles as well. 

The emulator runs the games quite smoothly and without any hassles. All the necessary abilities of an emulator are present in the emulator with support for external USB connected gamepads and controllers. 

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