Mobile shooting games have gained massive popularity in recent times. All thanks to faster processors, better displays, and out of this world graphics, consumers have taken a keen interest in mobile gaming indefinitely.

No doubt, PUBG mobile has dominated the market share for RPG games, but from the creators of PUBG came out with another game called “COD mobile.”  

FULL NAME:COD Mobile for Windows
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COD mobile brings back the same effects of computer-based games, but then most users do want to play it on their computers rather than their phones. While it’s not possible to play COD mobile natively on your PCs, there’s a solution to this problem. 

What is COD Mobile?

COD mobile is the watered-down version of the PC COD. While it’s known as the secondary option if not for PUBG mobile, it’s quite different and unique in its aspect. It rose to fame, all thanks to its innovative multiplayer deathmatch modes. 

The graphics of the game are unique and all thanks to unreal engine, it’s quite extraordinary Through updates, the game has become quite stable and also found its way to gather a full fan following as well. 

A plethora of gun skins, character selection, classic modes, multiplayer matches, and so much more, it’s one-stop-shop to unlimited fun in an RPG. The game is available on the app store and play store. On computers, emulators do a great job of running the game. 

COD Mobile
COD Mobile
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Key Features of COD Mobile 

Unbelievable Graphics

The graphics are curated by unreal engine. Trust me, they have done an excellent job in the graphics department and the physics of the game. Things appear to be true to life and offer a unique experience while playing the game. 

Plenty of Match Modes 

Battle royal, classic deathmatch, sniper vs. sniper match modes, and more. These are a few of the many options that COD has in store for its users. None of these modes would disappoint and will provide the best RPG shooting game experience.  

Flexible Customization Options 

There are plenty of things that are up for grabs. Log in every day to get exclusive rewards and daily sign-in bonuses. You get skins and other customizable characters. Alter the parachutes, guns, grenade and more. 

Competitive Match-making 

Every match is unique and different from the other. Either you can play solo or match up-to five people and set on a killing spree in the game. Based on your ranking, expect some problematic/easier opponents. Also, players can choose from FPS or TPS modes in the game. Thus, bringing the gaming experience true to life. 

How to Download and Install COD Mobile on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Gameloop Emulator

Due to COD “mobile” not having any native application on PCs, you will require an emulator to play the game. Its where Gameloop comes into the picture. Made by Tencent, it’s quite an exciting emulator that helps in enhancing the gameplay of the game by manifolds. Download the latest version of the emulator from any of the third-party websites. 

NOTE: You can use an emulator for this matter. Gameloop takes advantage of the PC’s hardware, such as the processor, RAM, GPU, to provide a better gaming performance. Other options can be used as well. 

  • Install the Emulator and the Game

Open the downloaded file and install it through the set of on-screen instructions. Once installed, open it and signup/login to your account. Download the game from the given lists of games. 

  • Start the Game

After it successfully installs on your computer, start enjoying the world of COD mobile on your PC. 

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