FULL NAME:Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip Studio Paint EX is an easy way to create comics and has an excellent illustration program. It has fantastic page management tools, customization options, and drawing features.  It is fully compatible and featured. Outstanding 3D models, they do wonder!! EX version helps you create your backgrounds, moving illustrations, and animations. Besides these, with the essential software, you can develop standard models and scenes. Its drawing features have no comparison, and for all these reasons, it’s among the best comic creator software. But it’s relatively expensive.

Clip Studio Paint, formerly Manga Studio, is the world’s leading comic. It delivers powerful art tools for every manga and comic artist. Clip Studio is designed to enhance the artists’ wish and perfect their pen and paper illustrations. It’s also for those artists who wish to complete the entire process of creating manga and other comics digitally. Clip Studio Paint makes sketching, inking, and colouring easy. It is planned accordingly to provide Manga illustrators or professional digital artists with proper tools. From scratch, Clip Studio can create original artwork with the help of effective software solutions.

Key Features- 

1. Coloring– CLIP STUDIO PAINT is all one solution for manga and comic creation. Clip Studio Paint is a powerful coloring tool. The abundance of preset colors creates custom color sets or blend colors so naturally as if you were mixing them with your fingers.

2. Pens, Pencils, Brushes, and Tools– With the mouse, you can create original sketches. Draw naturally with a pen tablet. Draw using familiar tools like pens, pencils, brushes, and selection tools. Clip Studio Paint gives you the incredible sensation of drawing on paper with vector mapping technology and smart pen pressure sensing.

3. Panels– By adding and customizing panels for your pages, you can save time easily. Using Bezier curves, create panels of all shapes and sizes.

4. Advanced Brush Effects– New airbrush stimulate ‘real work brushes, ‘ which allows multiple airbrush effects. To create and share a wide array of visual effects, use tone brush.

5. Vector Tools– Toolkit speeds up production, allows maximum flexibility, and gives the ability to view the centerline of vectors. Artists can achieve exactly the lines they want with the help of vector mapping tools.

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6. New Advancements– Amazing advancements seed up your workflow. That includes new layer effects like screen, overlay, and multiply. Even brushes have their effects.

7. Templates– Save your time on tedious projects with ‘ready-to-use’ page templates.

8. Importing and Exporting – Clip Studio Paint exports and imports to standard file formats. It includes layered PSD files, and there is no loss in quality or size.

9. 3D options– Option for 3D objects for available Clip Studio Paint Ex and figure allows for reference and background materials. Directly manipulate 3D objects on the screen or use preset poses on the canvas drag and drop other 3D items.

10. Text– Advance version allows adjustment to the letter and word spacing, italics, underline options, line spacing, mixing of fonts, anti-aliasing, etc.

How to download and introduce Clip Studio Paint Ex on PC-

Step-1 Extract the zip files using the default windows command, WinRAR or WinZip.

Step-2 Open and accept the terms of the installer. Then install the program.

Step-3 If you have any issues, you can contact in the Request Section.

Step-4 You will be directed to the next page as you click on the download button.

Step-5 To start your download, click on the download now button.

Step-6 Bookmark the website and visit us daily for the latest downloads.

If you have any software issues, you can post in the Request Section.

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