To learn more about this mod, let’s dive deeper into the game that it’s for. Vampire: The
Masquerade – Bloodlines is quite the game if you are looking forward to an open-world
gameplay scenario and bound to choose from four different storylines.

The game revolves around your primary character’s storyline and discovers the truth of the relic that has been recovered in the 21 st century of Los Angeles. You have the freedom to choose from one of the four clans of vampires where you have been revied from the dead and choose the one most suitable for your character.

Each clan has its powers, storyline, and much more. Thus, providing an open world option and fighting scenarios with other games alike. The game was developed by Troika Games and published by Activision in 2004. The game was solely made for Microsoft windows. For such an old game, if you are looking forward to elevating the overall gameplay? Then there are suitable mods for the same.

Clan quest mod

If you are looking to add on a different quest and much more to the game? Then this mod will help you out. It’s a culmination of different mods helping get the most of the game and improving the gameplay that the game offers.
The mods combined into this are the arsenal mod, unofficial patch, camarilla edition lite, comp mod, and weapons sound mod. These mods expect different gameplay with subtle
changes here and there enough to make the gaming experience different and surreal.

Clan Quest
Clan Quest

Highlights of Clan Quest Mod

The various highlights of the Clan Quest Mod are :

Fully functional achievement system

Though it’s easy to use the menu, have access to all the things on the menu and
much more.

12 new quests

The mod helps in adding newer levels and much more exciting quests that come pre-
installed with the game. There are some interactive ones, while others are entirely

Newer loading screens

The loading screens have been overhauled, displaying newer content and other
multi-media to make it impressive and exciting at the same time.

Humanity revised systems

Through the mod, the system represents a more of a pen and paper system in the

New sabbat storyline

There are several new quests, along with new endings and a revamped hub map
through the mod.


Steal the Kindreds power by joining the sabbat all through this mod.

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