If you are the owner of a business organisation, then you must be aware of the several security concerns. In a digitised world, where cybercrimes take place quite so often you may feel daunted and stop yourself from exploring the world of internet. This will have downright setbacks as you will lag behind your competitors. Even your employees will feel demotivated due to the lack of digitisation in your enterprise.

FULL NAME:Cisco Anyconnect for Windows
Download for Windows

So what can be done to so that you can follow the trends of the society and yet stay safe and secured? Cisco Anytime Download is the solution to all your security-related issues. With Cisco Anyconnect Download, you can allow your employees to work on the corporate laptop sand personal mobile devices.

But at the same time, you can stay assured that your company is safe and secured. The main function of this software is to provide the much-needed visibility and control that lets you identify any who and which devices are getting access to the extended enterprise.

Cisco Anyconnect is a modular endpoint software whose job is to provide VPN access as well as enhanced, improved security through several built-in modules.               Cisco Anyconnect is highly compatible and is available for all devices like Windows, Linux, Android, Blackberry, Chrome OS, ios, Mac OS and so on.

Features of Cisco Anyconnect

Cisco Anyconnect comes with a variety of features that make it highly beneficial. It can be called a complete package that offers complete security to your company using advanced techniques. Let us have a look at all its highly advantageous features:

  1. Web security: Cisco never fails to offer high-end web security to the users. It has a built-in module which helps in offering web security by utilising the on-premise Cisco Web Security or the cloud-based Cisco Cloud Web Security system. It has the capacity to combine VPN access and web security. This enables the administrators to offer highly secured and comprehensive mobile security to all the end-users. This step holds immense significance in the case of BYOD or bring-your-own-device. Cisco Anyconnect thus enables the enterprises to protect their network from web malware as well as have control as well as the ability to safeguard the web usage.
  2. Network visibility: The module of network visibility on Cisco Anyconnect allows the administrators to keep a check over the endpoint application utility. This feature, in turn, allows the administrators to bring to light the potential anomalies in behaviour. It also makes them capable of making highly informed network design decisions.
  3. Unified endpoint compliance: Using Cisco Anyconnect, you will be able to acquire control over the unified endpoint posture checks. Automated remediation is also possible across wireless, wired or VPN environments. The ISO posture module acts as the most significant source of endpoint posture, checking for all the OS devices. It also comes with the latest spyware, anti- ware or malware updates, hardware and application inventory as well as several other endpoint checks. All these are done to come to terms with the state of compliance and also to make the endpoint security more robust.
  4. Mobile device support: In order to support end-user productivity, administrators require to provide personal mobile devices with remote access to the network of the company. Cisco Anyconnect can be made available on all the major mobile devices that workforce prefers to use in present time. There can be two ways to provide highly secure remote access. One is through device-based provision. And the other method is through select per application VPN. 

Installation requirements for Cisco Anyconnect:

Anyconnect support for Windows:

  • Windows 7 or above
  • 100 MB hard disk space
  • Pentium class processor or above
  • ASDM version 7.02 or higher

Anyconnect support for Mac:

  • Mac OS 10.10 or above
  • 50 MB of hard disk space
  • Minimum display resolution of 1024×640 pixels.

Anyconnect support for Linux:

  • Linux red hat 6 and 7
  • Ubuntu 12.4 or above
  • 64-bit processor
  • X86 instruction set
  • Zlib
  • Xterm

How to download and then install the Cisco Anyconnect?

Follow the below-given steps in order to download the Cisco Anyconnect:

  • You have to download the Cisco client software and then select the option of “Run” when prompted.
  • Then go ahead and double click on the option of “Anyconnect _win.exe”. This is basically the installation file. Simply click upon the “Next” option then.
  • You have to go through and accept the license agreement. Again you need to click upon “Next” and then on “Install”.
  • Then you have to choose the option of “Yes”. This is done in order to authenticate the process of installation. After it gets over, you have to click upon the “Finis” button.
  • Then you have to enter the following server address under VPN: vpn2.net.ed.ac.uk.
  • Now you have to press “connect” and enter details like VPN username and password.

Do give Cisco Anyconnect a try for complete safety of your company.

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