The franchise of dark souls has undoubtedly elevated the overall difficulty level of games in recent times. With its last and final game, Dark Souls 3, the game has been the talk of the century with the challenge levels that the game has to offer. 

The game generally revolves around a basic storyline where you have to save the kingdom from the clutches of evil, and the demons are quite something. They are quite challenging to defeat even with the necessary level turned on. Moreover, the game itself is quite extensive, and you get tired of the message “You died” displayed again and again once you die 

The game was developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2016. The game was launched for different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 

Cinder Mod for Dark Souls 3

Cinders Mod
Cinders Mod

Mods are quite lucrative in terms of what they have to offer. But then at times, they bring about small changes, but in many cases, some vital differences. Similarly, for dark souls three, one such mod reflects on a larger scale of bringing changes to the game. 

The cinder mod helps get a complete overhaul to the game and provides drastic changes throughout the game. Almost all the parts of the game are touched upon one way or the other. But then you can’t play online while having this mod active, and the offline mode is activated automatically.

The various changes that the mod brings about are given as follows. 

  • The progression of the game is quite linear and smooth. 
  • Several weapon changes, along with the movement of characters and much more. 
  • Friendly merchants and a complete overhaul to the NPC’s of the game. 
  • Companions are automatically summoned when the player might struggle. 
  • Friendly NPC’s and hostile companions are added. 
  • Addition of classes and gifts to the game. 
  • Change in the bosses and enemies have been added. 
  • Addition of various features such as bonfires, mark system, and more. 
  • Passive poise rather than activation during the drawing of your weapon. 

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