Chrono Trigger is a classic and all-time favourite game for every gamer, which was developed in 1995. The plot, graphics, and avatars catch the interest of many people. The iconic game was developed by the “Dream Team.” Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, you will always enjoy this classic RPG game. The story is based on time travel, which means the player can travel to a different era of time, i.e., present, ancient, future, and pre-historic levels. The latest and upgraded version of this game has provided its players with high-quality graphics and sound systems, which will make the plot more adventurous, and the gamers will enjoy the whole time while using it.

FULL NAME:Chrono Trigger
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The developers have also added some of the new challenges like the ‘Lost Sanctum dungeon’ and the ‘Dimensional Vortex dungeon,’ which are referred to as forgotten and mysterious dungeons, respectively. The story plot has been designed excellently and excitingly. There are so many exciting moves that can be unlocked with different magic spells and tricks. The developers have given fifty different types of combos, which can be utilized by combining other avatars while playing. There are different stages and levels to upgrade the characters and moves according to the position you have reached while playing.

The story and the plot of the game Chrono Trigger revolve around Crono, the lead hero character, and the young girl named Marle. Both characters decide to find their future and soon find themselves in a Telepod, which was invented by Lucca, who is the friend of our name Chrono. Marle helps to see the demonstration, and during the process, a malfunction occurs, which sends the character Marle in some different time dimension. Now Chrono, who is left back, tries to find Marle with the help of her pendant. The whole journey is filled with thrill and adventures, where they try to save the planet. The plot is prepared so that the players feel the real story as their own while playing it.

Key Features:- 

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●       Upgraded graphics and sound quality – This feature gives the players more realistic fun and experience while playing this game. 

●       Avatars and wallpapers – The presence of various characters and avatars lets them choose according to their choice. Some of the avatars are Magus, Lucca, Queen Zeal, Crono, Flea, etc. The player can select their appearance in the game and can change accordingly. The presence of different wallpapers will also give a realistic feel to the game.

●       Classic plot – The extraordinary story and the plot attract the users and keeps them interested throughout by giving them surprise challenges. This way, the player will not feel monotonous whenever they play.

●       Multi-Instance – With this, the player can collect resources or can build their kingdom. This feature brings the thrill out of the game.

●       Comfortable controls – The upgraded versions give the user a pleasant control when they play even with a keyboard or gamepad.

●       Active time battle version 2 – The time won’t pause while having a battle with the enemy, and with time the enemy will also change its place, so this challenge lets the player think of a particular area where from where the enemy can be defeated.

Steps to download and install Chrono Trigger (Upgraded Version) on PC (BlueStacks):-

Step 1: In the initial stage, search and download BlueStacks on your device

Step 2: After this, install the BlueStacks on your device

Step 3: Now complete the process by signing in through Google so that you can open the Play Store

Step 4: In the search bar, type Chrono Trigger (Upgraded Ver.)

Step 5: Click on the install button. 

Download for Windows

Step 6: Follow the instruction and sign-in through Google.

Step 7: Go to the home screen and click on the icon of Chrono Trigger and enjoy the game.

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