Google chrome is quite a powerful web explorer where it lets users navigate the internet with the utmost ease. There are so many features and extensions that you can have on the web platform that makes the surfing experience surreal and exciting at the same time. But then things do get stagnant when chrome automatically blocks the content or any downloads from a particular website—wondering how to get out of this mess? Then read on; we have a guide for this given below. 

FULL NAME:Chrome Blocked
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What is Chrome Blocked Download?

Chrome blocked is nothing but the phase in which chrome blocks your download. It might be frustrating to see the web browser blocking your downloads, but it feels that it is from a malicious website and is trying to keep your system safe from viruses. The feature can be activated and deactivated by the user. 

Key features of the software. 

Keeps the computer safe. 

The chrome feature lets the web browser effectively keep your computer safe by blocking any downloads from any untrusted sites. 

Intangible asset. 

The feature saves a lot of systems from getting any files that might comprise viruses. It’s quite a handy feature provided that the user turns it on. 

Automatically switched on. 

Google Chrome 71 to Block Ads on Abusive Sites | Cybersafe News
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Chrome can automatically turn it on when it detects that the site has been reported several times, and any content is being downloaded. Security and safety are the two primary things as to why it’s activated in the first place. 

How to get it on PC?

  • Head to chrome. 

Open Chrome on your computer. 

  • Go to settings. 

Head to the settings option, which is present on the top right corner of the browser. 

  • Then to site settings. 

Once in the settings option, then scroll down and click on the site settings options. Ensure that you choose the correct option. 

  • Change preferences. 
Download for Windows

You can then find the download options to either turn on the downloads from the preferred site or switch the feature off. 

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