Introduction –

If you are looking for an online brainstorming game, then Chess Titians is the right choice. It’s one of the most beloved games for Windows Vista, XP, and Windows 7 users. The high-quality graphics having a 3D version and the full animated feature has attracted many users. The game is designed for Windows Aero with its glass-like look. It is a photorealistic intuitive game with ten challenging levels.

FULL NAME:Chess Titians

This chess game either allows two members to play or one player on the PC’s automatic mode. So if you have no one to play with, you can always rely on your PC. Chess Titans was firstly introduced in Windows Vista build. Chess Titans can be played with either a mouse or a computer keyboard. Because of these various features and quality, it has gained so much popularity among gamers.

Key features-

1.      An Opening book– When playing against the PC, the game’s moves are pre-programmed because computer players are notorious for enjoying terrible opening moves. Due to this, the programmers of Chess Titans gave the PC a start with an opening book.  Chess Titans will play all the current and popular openings against you. The “Save game” feature is available to let you continue with your saved games for later. Save your game before you leave as your statistics will show you as losing those games, and the game sets your difficulty level accordingly.

 2.      Multiplayer Mode– Playing against a computer is sometimes less enjoyable than a real player. At level 10, the robot will need around seven seconds or more for every move, which may stimulate your patience, but you can take on a friend with you if you like challenges. 

Chess Titans - Download

Chess becomes a more dynamic game once you are in front of a living and breathing human. While the PC remains cold and calculative, human opponents will showcase a battle of wits and cunning. In multiplayer mode, the issue with Chess Titans is you’ll feel awkward sharing the same screen with your opponent. You’ll need to watch the board shift as your opponent’s turn and peer at the board from all sides. It can feel obsolete once you have tons of social networking sites that permit you to play against others without this awkward shift.

Nevertheless, you never see your actual opponent, which makes the match a more breath-taking personality. If you would like to play against your friend in the real world, you would be better off breaking out the actual chessboard.

 3.      Design– Chess Titans does its best to emulate a real chess experience with 3D chess pieces. The camera has also been angled to simulate an individual’s overview of the chessboard. Chess Titans pieces have been planned well and they were also proportioned correctly. The problem is that even if you use the best setting, the lines are not crisp or sharp. 

You have many material chessboards options like frosted glass, porcelain, marble, and wooden pieces. It’s a nice gesture, but it doesn’t do much outside, changing the game’s feel and color. It might have been better if the developers allow you to change the chess pieces into different characters. Despite the design, it matters little compared to engaging and completed variations you can pull off in chess. You don’t need all the creative techniques to enjoy a chess game.

Minimum System Requirements-

·        Operating system (OS): Vista, 7

·        Processor (CPU): 1 GHz

·        System memory (RAM): 1 GB

·        Hard disk drive (HDD): 30 MB

·        Video card (GPU): Aero-capable WDDM, 128 MB of VRAM, DirectX 9.0 compatible, Shader Model 2.0 support

How to download and install Chess Titans on PC and Mac-

Step1 – Search and download the BlueStacks application on your device.

Step2– Install BlueStacks from the installation file with the instructions on-screen 

Step3– Once installation is complete, sign in to your Google account.

Step4– Search Chess Titans in the search bar and install it from there. Now you can play Chess Titans on your PC or Mac.

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