To understand what Chatty is, we need to understand Twitch first. The name may sound familiar but you need to fully comprehend what it is used for. Twitch is a gaming platform that is used for streaming live content. It was established in 2011 as an Amazon subsidiary but it has gained its own high prominence in the streaming world since then. It allows users to tap into a network of millions of gaming fans who share the same interests as them.

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Chatty’s primary focus is zeroed in on game streaming but it also works as a broadcaster of creative content like podcasts, music, dance, etc. Chatty is a text-based messenger created specifically for Twitch. It offers a fresh perspective on chatting with Twitch users, one that is absent in its default Web Chat messenger. Chatty is more than a simple text messenger. Let us take a look at some more of its features.

Key Features Of Chatty

Personalise Your Messenger

Chatty for Android - APK Download
Download for Windows

The browser’s default chat window makes chatting a very bland experience. But Chatty makes it extremely fun. It comes with exciting customisable features like changing the font, the display colours, personalising the emoji keyboard and even changing the themes. Add a little zest to your messenger so as to revamp Twitch’s chatting experience.

Enjoy Multitasking
Have one eye on the game and the other on the chat screen. Bond with fellow players over your favourite games. Help each other during real-time gameplay. Take this help a step further by joining their game in-person and engaging in fun multiplayer action. Exchange cheats through the chat window and learns essential gaming tricks every day. Tons of gaming masters like Pewdiepie dwell on the slopes of Twitch’s terrain so you are bound to be enlightened by them.

Get Channel Notifications
Never miss an update when your favourite channels upload new content or go live. Be one of the first to honour their live stream and get the best out of your two hours or so. If you are a channel administrator, then you get bonus options like customising the stream title, analysing viewer count and restricting stream access from certain users.

How To Download On PC

  1. Download the exe file of Chatty from the link This download file has been tested free of viruses.
  2. When the file runs on the system, follow the installation instructions by continually pressing ‘Next’. Continue doing so until you hit the ‘Install now’ button.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the software download. When its icon appears on your desktop screen, double click it to start running it.

How To Download On Mac

We will be using an alternate site to download the app on Mac. However, you can use either one of the two download links on both PC and Mac.

Download for Windows
  1. Visit the link You will find a download button for the app there. Click on it.
  2. The exe file gets downloaded on the system. Subsequently, you will need to run this file.
  3. When it runs, a setup window is launched. Follow the installation instructions until the end. And finally, Chatty will be accessible on your Mac OS.

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