Web browsers are often considered to be storage heavy and take up a lot of space. No doubt they get all the work done, but then what’s the use when the system functions slowly.

For this, there are alternatives, but most of them are either paid or not compatible with the Windows operating system.

If you are looking for the best features of Google Chrome bundled into a package and free, then cent browser is one web browser you should consider. 

FULL NAME:Cent Browser for Windows

What is Cent Browser?

Cent Browser if your one-stop-shop culmination of superabundant chromium features baked into one web browser. Such features include private tabs, super drag, mouse gestures, memory optimization, portable versions, privacy protection, scrollable toolbar, customizability, and more. 

Cent Browser comes with additional features such as loading of selected tabs, bookmark hiding, extensions running in one process, free kernel cache, etc. privacy is also given importance. The user can shut down suggestions made by google, block malicious websites, disable HTML5 audio context, disable battery access, disable canvas fingerprinting, and more. This browser also offers password protection to the users.

Cent Browser
Cent Browser
Download for Windows

The support for all gestures of the mouse is available. In the browser setting a rich array of features are at your disposal to carry out multiple functions. The browser is free to download on all versions of Windows operating system ranging from XP to 10. 

Key features of Cent Browser

Incognito Tab

Search whatsoever you please under this tab. Once the tab is closed, the search history is automatically deleted with no trailing evidence. 

Super Drag

Through the help of the left mouse button, open something quickly in the browser. 

Mouse Gestures

Without using the keyboard or other tools, use the mouse to execute commands spontaneously. 

Scrollable Tab Bar 

To avoid the clutter of tabs on the top of the software, scroll through the different tabs similar to other web browsers. 

How to Download and Install Cent Browser on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installation Package

The official site hosts the installation package of the browser. Even third-party sites do have the installation files. Download the relevant file based on your operating system. 

  • Install it

Run the installation package and wait for the installation to get over. 

  • Enjoy the Application

Upon successful installation, open the browser and enjoy smooth surfing on the web. 

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