Commodore 64 or C64 is an 8-bit home computed system developed in 1982. The console has created the world record for the highest-selling computer system at that time. Several thousands of software based on development tools, office applications, video games, etc. were made for the C64 computers. Today, anyone with a C64 Emulator can enjoy playing these old school video games on their devices.

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The first online game on the C64 console, Club Calibre, was launched in 1988. The game has a simple open environment but the introduction of online chats and exchange of coins was considered revolutionary. The C64 CPU consists of 64KB of 8-bit wide dynamic RAM and 20KB of internal ROM. The console retained the JE-Atari Joystick game controller and joypads in this computer model.  The C64 supports 16 colours and 300X200 pixels resolution.

Video games of various genres were launched on the C64 console. A Commodore 64 game system was, later on, launched that provides a cartridge-based gaming environment. Some of thee popular games available on the computer are The Amazing Spider Man, Alter ego, Beyond Dark Castle, Blood Money, Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror, Double Dragon, Emerald Isle, Flying Shark, Godzilla, Imperator, James Bond 007, Karate Champ, Liverpool, Mission Omega, and many others. 

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What Emulator can you use to play games on C64?

In order to play the game launched on the C64 console, you need to download and install a C64 Emulator. An emulator emulates the hardware requirements for the game and you do not need any additional controllers. For windows, you can select an emulator from CCS64 V3 9.2, Frodo 4.1b, Hoxs64 32bit, Hoxs64 64bit, MAME 0.204b, PSP Vice 2.2, Z64k, and others.

Three Related Games

There are multiple games with exciting gameplay, storyline and graphics are available to play on the C64 console. Check out some amazing games listed below.

Impossible Mission

Impossible Mission is an adventure game available on the C64 console. The player controls a detective whose mission is to stop, Professor Elvin Atombender, an evil scientist and antagonist of the game. The Professor messed up the national security database computers to destroy the country. The player needs to fight with the robots and defeat the scientist. A time-based mechanism is also available in which the player needs to decrypt the systems by searching for password pieces across the area.

The Great Giana Sisters

The Great Giana Sisters is a side-scrolling arcade video game. It released for the C64 console in 1987. The player controls the character of Giana, who is suffering from horrible nightmares, in her dreams. The player needs to travel through 30 different levels filled with monsters to rescue Giana’s sister, Maria. In the end, if the player successfully defeats all the monsters and rescues her sister, then her sister wakes her up, hereby, winning over the nightmare.  

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The Last Ninja

The Last Ninja is a series of shooting and adventure video games. The first chapter by the name of the title of the series, the Last Ninja, was launched in 1987 for the C64 console. The player controls the protagonist, Arnakumi, who is the last survivor of the ninjutsu clan. Kunitoki destroyed his motherland and thus, he wants revenge. Through six different levels of fighting, solving puzzles and collecting useful times, the player needs to defeat the evil and restore peace.

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