Nobody likes disruptions when they are reading, especially not book lovers. When we say disruptions, we mean a whole range of things. It can be as significant as your friend snatching the book from your hands. Or it can be as insignificant as an exotic word jumping from the pages. It elicits grumbles either way. While we can’t stop external interruptions, we can certainly put a stop to the internal ones. This is done by using an application called Bubble Dictionary, a powerful translating tool for all your texts and images. It is like a guiding light that sheds meaning on every unfamiliar word. You never have to peek into your Thesaurus again once you have this application.

FULL NAME:Bubble Dictionary
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Key Features Of Bubble Dictionary

Translation Efficiency
Bubble Dictionary can translate anything, from single words to long paragraphs. Suppose your text is about some historical Russian figure and it encompasses a lengthy letter written by him. You can’t figure out what it says and it is grating your nerves. With Bubble Dictionary around, the whole letter will be translated for you and you can read it in one go. There is no need to search for the meaning in a separate tab.

Language Support
It is proficiently versed in over eighty languages. There is really nothing it can’t translate or decipher. Before you can even Google the word, its meaning will be presented on your screen. How convenient is that! 

Satisfying Interface
The cherry on top is how smooth the UX/UI design is. It doesn’t require you to do any typing work, nor does it ask you two switch tabs to comprehend exotic text. Every translation will be presented to you in the same window as your text. So just sit back and enjoy your foreign books without the aid of Google.

Instant Bubble Dictionary for Android - APK Download
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How To Download It On PC

It isn’t fair that one of the coolest educational apps for book lovers isn’t available on PC. Sure, you can utilise its complete features in your smartphone but what about on PC? We scrounge through more articles on our computers than we do on our phones. This increases the probability of stumbling across unfamiliar words. Adding a Bubble Dictionary to our system will make our work so much easier. It will show us the meanings of those words in a split second. The question still remains, how to download a mobile exclusive app on our computer? Well, we will show you how to use an Android emulator, a software that solely exists to run mobile apps on desktop. 

  1. The emulator we will be using here is called NoxPlayer. You can download it from its official site
  2. You will find Nox launches on its own accord. When it does, you will see it has Play Store pre-installed in it. Just click it open to access it.
  3. Sign into Google like it asks you to. And then search for the app’s name in the store’s search bar.
  4. From the search results, click the right application to initiate download.
  5. Finally, Bubble Dictionary is available for use on your PC. 
Download for Windows

If you are looking to download this on your Mac, then you need to follow the exact same steps above. Android emulators work just the same on iOS platforms so there are no additional steps you need to follow.

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