Breath of Fire 3 is the third instalment in the Breath of Fire series. This game was released for the PlayStation Portable console. Continuing the adventure from the previous series, the new version emerged as more technical and graphically advanced. This is the first 3D graphics entry in the series. The soundtrack follows jazz-like music that is tranquilized and reposeful. The game was very well received by the critics. It does not have any ultimate powerful villain.

FULL NAME:Breath of Fire 3
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Once in a mining area for Dragon fossils, people discovered a small dragon-like creature. He was caged and thrown down the mountain. The Dragon transformed into a little boy and was discovered by a group of thieves. Later on, he realised that he is the descendent of the pious Dragon bloodline, and he needs to find his surrogate family. Join Ryu’s quest to discover his family as he meets several new characters along his path.

The player controls Ryu, in the beginning, but can switch among other characters in between. Each companion of Ryu has a special and unique ability that will help him later on, in the game. The player needs to fight small enemies, investigate clues for the Dragon family and complete puzzles. The puzzles are very important to advance the game as they give the idea about the probable location of the Dragon family. 

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Breath of Fire 3  is released for the PlayStation Portable console. To play this game on your favourite device, you need to download and install a PSP Emulator. The Emulator emulates the console’s hardware system requirements for your game in your device and allows you to play your game without any inconvenience. For windows, you can choose from Http, Jpcsp, Potemkin, PPSSPP, etc. for your device.

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Breath of Fire 3 pours the flavour of adventure, family-love and struggle in our cups. If you liked playing this game, then you should also check out other similar games listed below.

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It is a series-based role-playing video game released for PlayStation Portable console. The player takes the role of a young boy from a town, Alex, who wanted to become a warrior like his idol, the iconic Dragonmaster Dyne. Once he visited a cave in search of a gem, and he was confronted by a Dragon. The Dragon bestowed him the saviour of the Dragon bloodline and new Dragonmaster. Join Alex in his new adventures and journey as a warrior.

Tales of Eternia

Similar to Breath of Fire 3, Tales of Eternia is a role-playing video game released for PlayStation Portable console in 2000. The game revolves around the fictional land, Inferia and a unique realm, Celestia. The player, Reid Hershel,  practices hunting with his friends. He finds a girl, who speaks an unknown language. In their journey to discover her family and native land, they come across an unknown dimensional realm, Celestia. They need to defend their homeland in an old conflict between the two.

Dark Stone

Dark Stone is also a role-playing video game developed by Delphine Software for the PlayStation. The evil lord, Draak, who can transform into a humongous Dragon, has recovered to wreak havoc on the mystical land of Uma. The player needs to defend his land and slay the beast. In his journey, he needs to collect seven crystals of powers such as wisdom, virtue, bravery, nobility, compassion, integrity, and strength. These crystals, when moulded together, form the weapon to slay the dark lord. 

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