Many times, android phone users would have experienced the feeling of having their phones frozen under heavy load. It’s broadly experienced with old phones running older processors, but with newer ones, things have changed significantly. For more modern/older phones, the best way to rest/format the device would be to enter the bootloader section. 

FULL NAME:Bootloader

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader is the native part of an android device which lets users reset/format or wipe the device clean to install new software. It can be accessed by pressing the power button + volume up button of an android device to gain access. Though this format might differ from one device to another, it almost remains the same overall. 

Key Features of Bootloader

  • Effectively wipe your device clean

With a few steps, the user gets to wipe their device clean and free from any content whatsoever. 

  • Hassle-free process

Simple press the power + volume up button upon starting the mobile device and have seamless interaction with the bootloader menu of the device. 

  • Easy to understand interface

There are quite a few options and straightforward directions in making the bootloader work. Any person with minimalistic knowledge about this can get the process initiated. 

How to Download and Install Bootloader on PC using Blue Stacks

  • Download the emulator

Download and install the latest version of Blue Stacks. Ensure that the sign-in procedure has been completed and you are into the home screen of the emulator. 

  • Root it

The bootloader isn’t an application that one can download from the play store. But it requires a rooting procedure to be accessed on an emulator. Hence, follow a variety of rooting guides online to teach you how to Boot load your emulator. 

How to Download and Install Bootloader on PC using Nox

  • Download and install the emulator

The latest version of Nox can be downloaded from its official website. Download it and follow the on-screen set of instructions to install it successfully. 

  • Root it

For rooting the emulator, you could either uninstall the emulator and reinstall it to have a fresh version or root it using the several guides online to have effective compatibility with Nox. 

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