The computer system is a vulnerable place. It can be shielded by the most advanced anti-virus armor and still a tiny part will remain susceptible to afflictions by malware. While the odds of that happening are very less, it is better to be prepared than to throw caution to the wind. Bootice plays an important role in the preliminary steps required to safeguard your system. Even if you are a non-tech user who has never tinkered with the inner workings of the drive before, you will understand how it works easily.

Download for Windows

It gives you the complete liberty to operate on the hard disk’s Master Boot record (MBR) and Partition Boot Record (PBR). In this way, you can create a secluded partitioning system on your hard disk that comes into play in the event of a system’s failure to boot properly. Essentially, you are backing up your hard disk by compartmentalising data into two sections. So if one fails to work, the other will swoop in to your rescue. It is a professional Microsoft-based tool and is used for safeguarding the system from boot failures and virus infiltration consequences.

Key Features Of Bootice

Reboot Your Hardware
Using the software’s impeccable booting features, you can reboot all your hard disks with a few clicks. Erase selected data without touching other parts, backup selective files to Bootice’s storage folder called Bin and keep track of lost/added data to your disk.  Never miss on backing up your files because Bootice takes care of it for you in routine time periods.

Drive Management
With Bootice, you get complete control of both your virtual and physical drives. You can do what you please with them. Change the format of the disks, change their IDs, transform your drives into other drives and manipulate backup settings. Partition your disk into different sectors and take individual control for each one. If you wish to hide your drive from the system, you can do so by tinkering with the settings. Like we said earlier, you can do anything you want with your drives.

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Download for Windows

How To Download On System

Bootice is a free-to-use software that effectively backs up your drives, flash drives and other output devices. If you look it up on your browser, you will find plenty of download links. We will provide you with the most reliable links for each method given below.

Download on PC

  1. Visit the link When the site opens, you will find a download button. Click on it.
  2. When you are redirected to another page, click on the ‘Download Now’ button. This causes an exe file to download on the system.
  3. Run this file by going through installation instructions in the setup window.
  4. After you go through them all, Bootice will promptly install on your PC.
Download for Windows

Download on Mac

  1. Visit the link Scroll down to find the download button. Click on it when you see it.
  2. The exe file gets downloaded. Run it on your Mac.
  3. Follow installation instructions until Mac is fully installed on your console.

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