Boothcool is a facial recognition app that detects faces before proceeding to add live effects to them. Who wants props or face masks when you can just use Boothcool instead? The way it works is simple. You aim the camera at your face and the effects start appearing. After choosing one to your  liking, you can press the shutter button. Your photo comes out with the effects ingrained on it. This can either be in image format or video format, depending on the effects you choose. It is a fun, intuitive camera app on play store. It comes free of cost so you don’t have to pay to unlock new features. Every quirky option is at your disposal and you can experiment with them for hours on end.

FULL NAME:Boothcool
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Key Features Of Boothcool

Multiple Photo Shoot
It lets you take multiple photos at once in the style of 2×2 or 4×1 strips. Kind of like those cosy photo booths you use in real life. You get three seconds to make your pose before the shutter goes off. The sound of the shutter clicking is another cute perk of the app. It completes the feeling of actually sitting in a photo booth.

Awesome Filters
Boothcool comes with a whole array of filters to satisfy your amusement. Scroll through the filters; watch your face change accordingly and get free laughs out of it. You are provided with four kinds of filters and eight animation effects. Amaze your friends with the cool inbuilt effects as you share them on social media.

Easily Printable
Due to the high resolution output, you can easily get your strips printed. When you hang them in your room, you can tell visitors that they were taken at the local photo booth just to see their reaction. Imagine how surprised they will be when they realise those quality pictures came from an application!

boothcool iphone csb_mall FreeToEdit Image by Dewi Aja
Download for Windows

Key Features Of Boothcool

How To Download It On PC

Boothcool is built in a mobile ecosystem which explains why it isn’t available for download from your local browser.  There is no provision of its apk file as well so downloading it from third party sites is out of the question. So now what do we do? Where do we download this cool camera app from? The answer lies in softwares known as android emulators. These softwares are used to run mobile applications on PC as smoothly as they run on your smartphones. You just need to download an emulator first and the rest of the process is as easy as abc. Here, we are listing the steps below:

  1. The emulator we will be using is called Bluestacks. It is easily available for download from its official site Go on and download it from there.
  2. After download completes, Bluestacks will launch on its own. On its home screen, you will find Play Store. Click it open and sign into your Google account.
  3. After signing in, search for the application in the search bar. Download the game from the search results.
  4. Now in a few minutes, Boothcool will be installed in your system. To run it, click on its icon from the Bluestacks’ home screen. Oh, and make sure your web cam is switched on!
Download for Windows

If you own a Mac, then you need to follow the exact procedure given above. And you will have your Boothcool installed on your system in no time.

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