Everyone has the urge to earn money some way or the other. Though many say that making money is not easy, it sure is now!! Looking to make money only by viewing ads and taking surveys, then Boost Dealz is the one app you should check out.

FULL NAME:Boost Dealz

What is Boost Dealz?

Boost Dealz is an app that lets users earn money by watching advertisements, taking surveys, installing apps, and more. It’s a fun and active app that can give you several discounts and other interactive offers to be used for online shopping. The application is available on the play store free to download. But, to use it on a PC, an emulator would be required.

Key Features of Boost Dealz

  • Earn easy money

Through watching ads, videos, taking surveys, install apps, etc. earn money and credits to use it for any shopping endeavor of yours.

  • Interactive UI

The UI is simple and easy to use. The user can access all the necessary ads based on the higher returns of the credits.

  • Free of Cost

The app is free to use but allows users to make money.

How to Download and Install Boost Dealz on PC using Blue Stacks

Boost Dealz
Boost Dealz
  • Download and install Blue Stacks

Find the latest version of Blue Stacks based on your operating system version, download it and install it. Upon successful installation, open it and sign-in using the necessary credentials.

  • Install the app

Head to the play store and search for the app. If the app isn’t there, then download the APK file from the internet and install it on the emulator via the drag and drop method. Let the app install.

How to Download and Install Boost Dealz on PC using Nox

  • Download and install Nox

Install the latest version of Nox on your computer. Sign-in using the necessary credentials.

  • Install the App

Head to the play store and search for the app. Install it. Have fun while making money.
Enter the necessary information in the app and make easy money on the go

How to download and install Boost Dealz on Mac

  • Download an emulator

For this instance, we are using Blue stacks. Download the necessary DMG file.

  • Open it

Open the file and copy, paste the icon of the emulator in the applications folder.

  • Install it

Install the application In the applications folder by following the set of on-screen instructions. Once installed, open the emulator and sign-in with the necessary credentials.

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