Boktai: the Sun is in Your Hand is an eccentric, adventurous and solar-sensor based video game developed by Konami for the GameBoy Advance console in 2003. The console’s cartridge needs solar radiation to charge the primary weapon of the game. The player needs to set the date and time-zone before starting the game because it affects the sunrise and sunset inside the game. Hence, Boktai: the Sun is in Your Hand is one of its kind.

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The story revolves around an era when the world was about to vanish. The Age of Darkness was on the verge of converting the human race into an immortal living after death like creature called ‘Vampires’. The human race and all the vampire hunters get converted into the same and moreover, are torn down by this dark curse. In the mystic land of San Miguel, the protagonist, the heir of the sacred Solar weapon named ‘Gun del Sol’, the blood of the vampire hunters, Django emerged to save the world and restore humanity.

As Django, you need to search for deadly vampires across the town and expose them to the sunlight through your sacred weapon to kill them. The Vampires only wander during the night, and in case, your gun is not charged, then you need to hide until sunrise and avoid any conflict. These Vampires are prone to bullets, and only sunlight can kill them. Thus, do not let your health bar decrease and hunt the extortioners.

Boktai - The Sun Is In Your Hands - Gameboy Advance(GBA) ROM Download
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What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Boktai: the Sun is in Your Hand is released on the Gameboy Advance (GBA) console. To play this game on your favourite device, you need to download and install GBA Emulator. For windows, you can select from BatGBA 2.2.5b, DreamGBA 2.5, MyGBA 1.0.4, VBA 10, etc. Android users can download an emulator like Cool GBA 4.2.0, Emulator for GBA 2 1.6, GameBoid 2.4.7, GBA Emulator 1.5, GBA Pro Plus 4.0.0, KOBox 2.3.6 or others. For iPhone users, the available choice of the emulator is GBA4iOS 2.1.

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