Open world games are the most sought after games on any gaming platform. Even on the mobile platform, there aren’t many choices for the user to choose from. Also if the options are there, most of them are either paid, or others are free but with little no gameplay whatsoever. But for those willing to compromise on a bit of graphics but enjoy immersive gameplay features, then Block City wars are just for you. 

FULL NAME:Block City Wars

What is Block City Wars?

Block city wars is an open-world game that lets users roam about freely in a town filled with skyscrapers. With its Minecraft like appearance, users can engage themselves in shooting, hunting, flying, and much more. Importing Minecraft skins are possible in the game. There are street races, criminal modes, and much more. Android and iOS both the stores have the game. To play it on a computer, an emulator would be required.  

Key Features of Block City Wars 

  • Great multiplayer modes

There are surplus multiplayer modes such as PvP fights, tank battles, street race, team deathmatch, etc. for the users to choose from. 

  • A different way of transportation

To get around the game, there are different modes of transportation such as jet packs, military helicopters, cars, bikes and more. Choose from more than 100 weapons as well. 

  • Great graphics

With dynamic light integration, experience the best of pixel graphics. 

Block City Wars
Block City Wars

How to Download and Install Block City Wars on PC using Blue Stacks

  • Download and install Blue Stacks

From the official website of Blue stacks, download the latest version of the emulator and install it. Upon successful installation, open it and enter all the necessary details for logging in. 

  • Install the game

Head to the play store and search for the game and install it.  

  • Have fun playing it

Once downloaded, open and start playing the interactive world of Block city wars. 

How to download and install Block City Wars on PC using Nox

  • Download Nox

Download and install the latest version of Nox either from its official website or any third-party site. Upon installation, open it and fill in all the necessary credentials. 

  • Install the game

Navigate your way to the play store in the emulator. Search for the game and let it install. 

  • Enjoy

Play the game as and when you wish as the game would be saved in the emulator itself. 

How to download and install Block City Wars on Mac

  • Download the emulator

Find any relevant android emulator that works with macOS. For this instance, we are using Blue Stacks. Download the suitable dmg file. 

  • Open it

Open the file and copy the icon to the Applications folder. 

  • Install the game

Install the emulator in the applications folder following the on-screen instructions. Once installed, open the emulator and sign-in. Navigate yourself to the play store, search for the game, and install it. 

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