Bleach: Dark Souls is the second edition of games based in popular Manga Magazine Japanese character Bleach. It was released for the Nintendo DS console. Bleach: Dark Souls is a horror-based, adventurous and exhilarating video game with a plethora of combat styles and weapons. The game received favourable reviews and admiration for vibrant graphics, effortless controls and simple mechanics.

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Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist, is the playable character who has inherited the power of visualising ghosts and called the soul reaper. He is very aggressive, impatient and amateur in this zone. He needs to protect the world from monstrous souls called ‘The Hollows’ who can destroy the human realm. Throughput his adventurous journey, he can see different worlds, and he pushes the evil souls back into the ghost realm.

While researching, a fellow scientist allowed some Mods to enter and produce copies of Hollows who can destroy the city. This situation needs a soup reaper to fight with the Hollows and destroy them. The game has a theme song called the resistance, which is very appealing. The terrific battles, illustrious visuals and different modes of gameplay make this game a must-check for you.

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What Emulator to be used to play this game?

Bleach: Dark Souls is released for Nintendo DS console. To play this game, you need to download and install Nintendo DS Emulator in your desired system. The Emulator emulates the console’s hardware

system requirements for your game in your device and allows you to play the game conveniently. For

windows, you can choose from No$GBA, NeonDS, IDeaS, DSemu, DuoS, etc. for your device. For Mac OS X, DeSmuME is the emulator available to use.

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