RPG games on phones in recent times have elevated drastically. All thanks to the massive computing power that mobile phones are equipped with today, graphic intensive games are possible.

Speaking about realistically graphics-intensive games bundled with a great storyline and seamless user interface gives us Blade & Soul. A compelling game that takes RPG games on the phone one step further in every direction. 

FULL NAME:Blade & Soul for Windows

What is Blade & Soul?

Blade & Soul is an RPG game packed with world-class graphics, features, controls and more. The game itself is quite easy to understand and play, but the actions and skills are quite impressive. Though the game might be more than 3GB in size, it compensates for this size in its graphics department. Play with other people online, improve your characters abilities, etc. are few of the many features the game has to offer. The game is available on the play store and app store. An emulator can be used to have the game played on a computer. 

Key Features of Blade & Soul

A Plethora of Skill 

Every skill portrayed in the game results in important actions in terms of punch, kick, slash, etc. 

Team Up with Friends

Finding difficulties in taking down the boss? Then team up with friends and help each other in taking the monster down and earning impressive rewards for the same. 

Blade & Soul
Blade & Soul
Download for Windows

Open Field War

Experience online wars in real-time. Make your war clan and engage in battles to emerge victoriously and earn exciting rewards for the same. 

Community Creation

Build towns and cities and create your own clan/community in fending off enemies and have robust support from one another. 

How to download and install it on PC using BlueStacks

  • Download and install BlueStacks

Get the latest version of Blue stacks right from its official website or from any third-party site. Install it.  

  • Install the game

Once installed, open the emulator and sign-in using the required credentials. Head to the play store and install the game. 

The game is saved onto your emulator and can be played from here. 

How to download and install it on PC using Nox

Download for Windows
  • Get the latest version of Nox

From its official website, Download and install the emulator. Once installed, open it and enter the necessary credentials. 

  • Install the game

Head to the play store in the emulator. Search for the game and install it. 

Enter the world of immersive graphics and impressive gameplay through Blade & Soul. 

How to Download and Install it on Mac

  • Download BlueStacks

Downloading any emulator is fine as long as macOS support it. Download the DMG file. 

  • Install the emulator

Open it and copy-paste the icon into the applications folder. Install the emulator in the applications folder by following the on-screen instructions. 

  • Install the game

Once installed, sign-in using your Google account credentials and head to the play store. Search for the game and install it.  

Enjoy the best of what the game has to offer all through the emulator. 

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