Black is an extensive shooter and action-based video game. Criterion Games developed Black for the PlayStation 2 console. The game consists of horrific sounds of bombs and grenades, high-density graphics and ultra-modern weapons to play. There needs to have proper planning and strategy before selecting the weaponry as they have their characteristic features. The players of all age groups very well receive the game.

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Jack Kellar, a first-class sergeant of the Black ops team in Russia, is the playable character in the game. The role has an aggressive and inadequate record of taking immediate actions. On a mission to dismantle the ‘Seventh Wave’ terrorist group engaged in smuggling of weapons and enforcing attacks, he disobeyed the officials and entered the enemy regime alone. As the game proceeds, he unfolds the mystery of the terrorist group.

The game focuses on defeating the enemy squads inside their regime. The player can take two weapons with him along with grenades. Hence, the selection of firearms needs to be strategic. Apart from this, the player can collect pieces of evidence and fingerprints to locate the boss of the terrorist gang. As the game ascends, more information about the enemies gets revealed.

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What Emulator to be used to play this game?

Black is released for the PlayStation 2 aka PS2 console. To enjoy playing this game in your device, you need to download and install a PlayStation 2 ROM  Emulator. An emulator emulates the system hardware requirements on your device without any external port or something. For windows, the available choices include PCSX2, Neutrino SX2, Http, PS2emu, etc. for your device.

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