Security is of utmost importance whenever there is sensitive information stored with you. However, it might be enough to have the standard version of security that comes with the operating system, it’s necessary to note that some information has to be encrypted to ensure that you get a streamlined experience in keeping data safe and secure. There are different ways to do so, but Windows provides a homegrown solution. Check it out. 

FULL NAME:Bit Locker
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What is a Bit locker?

Bit locker is the optimal data protection feature offered from the Windows 7 era that helps in complete encryption of data and files. It helps encrypt sensitive information or entire drives through a password-protected forum, which helps keep away unwanted people from navigating through your computer. It’s the optimal solution to keep your system away from unwanted access and ensures that you get optimal security at all times. The features are only there on computer systems running Windows 7 or higher. 

The case of Windows 10 1803 and Bitlocker no longer able to store keys in  AD – Tough Tech Site
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Key features of the platform. 

Optimal encryption of the highest order. 

The encryption is safe and secure. Its password protected and provides multiple ways of staging the entire recovery process. The user has the option to decrypt the particular file through a USB stick as well. 

Multiple encryption formats. 

The user can encrypt selective files or multiple drives in the computer system. But it’s a better affair to encrypt files if you have a lot of sensitive data to hide. 

Free and easy to use. 

The feature is entirely free to use, with no additional downloads required. It’s present in the system setting where it’s readily accessible. 

How to download and install Bit Locker on PC?

Download for Windows
  • Head to control panel. 

The first step would be opening the control panel to ensure that you find a bit locker in the settings. 

  • Click on the bit locker. 

Then click on the bit locker to access all of the various options that it has to offer. 

  • Follow the on-screen set of instructions.

For setting the bit locker up, you will have to follow the given set of on-screen instructions to set it up. It should hardly take 5-10 minutes to set the feature in gaining the relevant encryption of specific files. 

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