Nostalgia is the only word that comes to mind when a retro 90’s game is played. Taking this feeling of nostalgia and mixing it with modern game-making technologies and you have Bit Heroes. The game is a explore and battle game which comprises of various modes and features much different from any old school game. 

At the same time, retaining the pixelated format of retro gaming. 

FULL NAME:Bit Heroes for Windows
Download for Windows

What is Bit Heroes?

Bit Heroes is an RPG game that lets the user explore and battle monsters and enemies in 8-bit and 16-bit format. Loot various dungeons, kill monsters, battle out a PvP format and collect awesome goodies and powerups. Increase your powerups and make your player the strongest character in the game. The game is available only on the play store and on PC via an emulator. 

Key Features of Bit Heroes

Vast Gameplay Options

The gameplay revolves around the killing of monsters or PvP global battles. With more than 100 monsters and 70 random levels, six vast zones packed with raids and dungeons, it’s a complete game packed with action. 

Intuitive User Interface

The game comprises of chiptunes soundtrack which seems to be ripped off from an NES cartridge. Some free powerups and improvements could be made to a particular character to quickly defeat enemies in war. 

Bit Heroes
Bit Heroes
Download for Windows

Free Game

The game is free to play with few in-app purchases such as powerups or improvement of the overall character.  

How to Download and Install it on PC using BlueStacks

  • Download and install BlueStacks

The latest version of Bluestacks can be downloaded from its official website. Install it once the file has been downloaded. 

  • Download the game

Upon successful installation, open the emulator and fill-in all the necessary credentials. Go to the Plat store and search for the game. Install it. 

You can play the game as and when you please as it would be saved in the emulator itself. 

How to Download and Install it on PC using Nox

  • Install the latest version of Nox

The latest version of Nox can be downloaded from its official website. Install it once the download completes. 

  • Install the game

Enter the necessary information to sign-in through your google account. Head to the play store and install the game. 

Enjoy the RPG style game as and when you please. 

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install it on Mac

  • Get an emulator that runs on Mac

For this instance, we are going to use Blue Stacks that runs effortlessly on macOS. Download the corresponding DMG file.

  • Open it and Install it

Once downloaded, open it and copy the icon to the application folder. Install it over here. Upon successful installation, open it and sign-in through your google account.  

  • Install the game

Head to the play store and install the game. 

Play the game according to your convenience on the emulator. 

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