Bionic Commando is an action-based battle game. Capcom released it for Nintendo Entertainment Systems, i.e. NES in 1988. The Command, the protagonist, undergoes genetic mutation to develop a bionic arm with a grappling hook attached to it. This is the primary weapon the protagonist uses to defeat the bullets, enemies and also swing around the ceiling. Moreover, the game consists of several side-scrolling and shotting levels.

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The two states, namely the Federation and the Empire, are involved in a series of battles since the 1980s. The ancient Empire commando started a project called ‘Albatross’.It is still under development by them, which is against the national laws. Hence the Federation sent their Commando Joe to negotiate but, the Empire captured him. This time the protagonist Commando, Ladd Spencer is ready to rescue Joe and defeat the ill-minded enemies.

As the game starts, the player is in the helicopter. Firstly, he can select the area he wants to cover first in the map displayed. If he is followed by an enemy vehicle, then he needs to attack them and save himself using his grappling hook. The unbound adventure and illustrious graphics help the game to connect to a broader audience. In conclusion, this gained immense popularity. It is considered as one of the best NES games of all times.

What Emulator to be used to play this game?

Bionic Commando releases for Nintendo Entertainment System. To play this game in your favourite device, you need to download and install an NES emulator on your device. For windows, you can select from 80five, Fceux2.2.2, FWNES, Jnes1.1.1, etc. For android users, NES Emulator 1.0.1, Nostalgia.NES 1.15.8, etc. For Mac, RockNES 4.0.1, Nestopia 1.4.1, etc. are available options.

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