Are you an Anime lover? Yes or no, doesn’t matter because you must have heard or watched the iconi8c Beyblade anime series. Till today, a plethora of gameplay features the unique Beyblade battle concepts and anime characters. Bringing home the Beyblade war style, Atari developed a distinct game called Beyblade G. It is a revolution for the Gameboy Advance console of Nintendo in 2004.

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The player controls the protagonist, Tyson who wants to defeat the evil powers and restore peace. From a variety of Beyblades, choose the one to face strategically as the game proceeds. In the iconic Beyblade battles, power-ups and quests can help you develop and upgrade the spin, speed and power of your Beyblade. The Beybattles are very terrific and intriguing to see which one of the two can survive.

The game lacks multiplayer support and hence can only be played against the computer AI. The game uses pin-point pixelated graphics, awesome style and easy to use control system. When launched, the game was received well by the critics and was a big commercial success. For the tons of anime lovers, this game serves as a topping over the cake. To discover more about it, you need to play the game.

What Emulator to be used to play this game?

Beyblade G-Revolution is released on the Gameboy Advance (GBA) console. To play this game on your favourite device, you need to download and install GBA Emulator. For windows, you can select from BatGBA 2.2.5b, DreamGBA 2.5, MyGBA 1.0.4, VBA 10, etc. Android users can download an emulator like Cool GBA 4.2.0, Emulator for GBA 2 1.6, GameBoid 2.4.7, GBA Emulator 1.5, GBA Pro Plus 4.0.0, KOBox 2.3.6 or others. For iPhone users, the available choice of the emulator is GBA4iOS 2.1.

Beyblade GBAROM
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Three Related Games

The games based on anime characters and combat styles are very exciting and adventurous. If you like playing Beyblade G-Revolution, then do check out other similar games listed below.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja

Inspired by the legendary, dynamic and everlasting anime character Naruto, this is an action-based fighting game. The player controls one of the characters of the Naruto world and advances into a series of battle. Kicks, punches, signature style moves and three special chakra moves namely red, purple and blue are the various tools and styles used in the gameplay. As the levels increases, more moves ad styles are added.

Dragon Ball: Fusions

Another iconic anime Dragon Ball is set you take you on a nostalgic ride by this diverse and role-playing video game. The player controls one of the character of the Dragon Ball world, where he needs to collect specific power-ups and fulfil the objectives. In higher levels, the player can build allies, plan war and develop new features. Customize your avatar and get ready to explore the Dragon Ball world by playing this game.

God Eater 3

Does a battle with the enemies immune to the conventional weapons sounds interesting? The Oracle cells after mutation have gained the power to eat life forms on Earth. Technically called “The Aragami” are immune to conventional weapons and bullets. Only the GOD arches can control them. The player is one of the GOD man ready to fight the enemies. You can create your character, select your weapons and battle to save humanity.

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