Some games depict precisely what it’s going to offer the players, and this game is one of them. Monster hunter world is a unique third-person adventure game where your primary motive is killing monsters, dragons, and more. 

It’s uniquely based on the graphics, and other aspects of the physics, and the realistic feel it has to offer to the players. Play and team up with other people. And you can hunt monsters through different weapons that take the gameplay experience one step further. 

The game was developed and published by Capcom and released in 2018. It was released for various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, play station four and Xbox One. 

What are Mods?

Mods are alternating elements that help in personalized the overall gameplay feature of any game. It helps in adding different features either by improving the general physics or by elevating the graphical content of a game. They could be used as cheats as well, but then every mod has its purpose and the specific task of either making it better or running the game. It’s a personal choice indeed. 

List of Mods for Monster Hunter World

Light Pillars for Drops

Light Pillar Mod

The best mod for this game would be light pillars for drops. The mod helps players in tracking down the essential drops through little shadows which allow players to know where precisely these necessary things are kept. Otherwise, searching for them would have been quite the task and definitely would have created particular problems in leveling up your characters or defeating monsters. 

DPS meter

DPS Meter Mod
DPS Meter Mod

The respective mod is quite useful to determine your strategy and plan in taking down the enemy. Through this mod, players can access the stats of the enemy for a limited period before engaging and share it via chat with other players to get the best of fighting experience and device your strategy accordingly. 

NPC Gathering Hub

If there is a mission that requires your player to interact with a lot of NPC’s in the game? Then this mod will help you out in the best possible manner. Through this mod, all the NPC characters in that particular area assemble at a specific location where speaking to them becomes a seamless task indeed. But to other players, it will look like you are talking to someone non-existent. 


Appearance is that matter in action-packed games, but then if there was a quick toggle to do so, things becomes interesting indeed. Through this mod, players can easily interchange between armours to ensure with the click of a button. The change will be visible to other players, but it’s quite cool to change it a mid-battle to get the edge in defeating your enemies.  

Transmog Mod
Transmog Mod

All Items in the Shop

The mod helps in giving players the freedom of getting all the items in the store. Irrespective of you unlocking or not. But ensure that you have enough currency to buy it as the items listed are not free of cost. 

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