As per research, there is a hidden fact that the kind of game you choose speaks volume about your interests, likes and dislikes. There are some people who love fashion and look forward to play fashion games.

Whereas, there are some people who live to eat and look forward to playing cooking and restaurant games as this is like a stress buster for them. On the other hand, there are some people who adore travelling and call themselves travellers.

FULL NAME:Bernband for Windows
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These are the kind of people who when do not get a chance to travel, satisfy there travel need by playing plenty if travel games.

One such game is ‘Bernband’ which is a stunning game. This game is considered as an exploration game which gives an opportunity to the player to wander in a alien city.

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As the plays goes about roaming this alien city, it is outstanding to see the amount of work which goes to create some distinct areas. These are all areas which are which have aliens living in it in large numbers.

The player gets a chance to discover a huge set of things such as:

A: Schools and colleges

B: Night Clubs

C: Train Stations

D: Airports

E: Malls & Grocery stores

F: Theatres

G: Churches

There is no doubt about the fact, that the place does feel like an alien city where it is very much possible for an alien population to be living here. As per the review by the players, this game is considered as one of the very interesting games out there.

Download for Windows

Also, why there are a lot of people found of this game is because it is unique and not like the usual boring games whose ends are predictable easily. Although the game is viewed in a very low resolution, but the game has been detailed out very well.

We must appreciate the efforts of the developers and the makers due to the type and kind of detailing they have done in this game. Moreover, the game is very easy to use due to it’s simple interface and can be considered as a user friendly game.

Hence, if you are also someone who loves exploring new things, trying on new things and does not like to be at one place then this game is solely made for you. Go and get your hands on this wonderful game and we are sure you will be addicted to this game in no time.

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