Mobile games in recent times have evolved dramatically where FPS, gameplay and the story matters a lot more. Though such games utilize the overall mechanics of a mobile phone, reteroscopic games are often neglected by quite cherished amidst high-intensity games. 

FULL NAME:Bejeweled for Windows
Download for Windows

Its where games like Bejeweled, candy crush, etc. come into the bigger picture to provide that peace of mind. Yes, these games work on mobile phones only and not on laptops. But if you wish to do so, then we have guide allowing you to do just the same. 

What is Bejeweled?

Bejewelled is a classic android/iOS games that involve title matchmaking puzzle games. Released by Electronic Arts, they had a simple user interface with the graphics being colourful and soothing through the animations. The game houses several modes such as full houses of poker, time-based lightening, gem-driven flushes and more. 

Running the game on a computer system natively.. isn’t possible. An android emulator is required to run the game. 

Key features of Bejeweled

Different Modes

The games comprise of extensive modes such as classic, dig deep for treasures in a mine full of diamonds, zen mode, saving butterflies from hungry spider modes and more. 

Track Your Progress

All thanks to the game centre, users can track their progress with other players. Players ranking higher have unique rewards and other gifts that can be used within the game. 

Quick Tips for Help

There are quick tips that help the user in navigating through the game and provides insightful information in beating any particular level. 

Boosts to Win the Game

Boosts help in clearing rows much faster. Use super boosts or multiple boosts to alter the game either by finishing it early or by shuffling the tiles for better completion.  

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install it on PC using Blue Stacks

  • Install BlueStacks

Download blue stacks from its official website. Once the game finishes downloading, open it and set up the installation process. Upon successful installation, open the application and enter your credentials to run the emulator. 

  • Download the Game

Open play store and search for “Bejeweled.” Download the game and wait for it to install. 

After the game finishes its installation procedure, open it within the emulator and with the help of a mouse and keyboard, enjoy playing the game. 

How to Download and Install it on PC using Nox

  • Download and install the Nox emulator

Nox emulator can be found on its official website. If not, then several third-party sites host Nox emulators. Download the basic version based on your operating system. Once downloaded, install the application and open it. Enter all the required credentials based on your google account. 

  • Search for the game and install it

Open play store on the emulator and search for “Bejeweled” and click on the install button. 

Once the installation finishes, open it and enjoy interactive sessions with the game with a similar experience as to what the mobiling platform delivers. 

How to Download and Install it on Mac

Download for Windows
  • Download an android emulator

It’s necessary that you download an android emulator for hosting the game. Thus, we are going to use Blue Stacks to emulate the game on a Mac. For the same, download the DMG file of the software. 

  • Install and Run it 

Open the file once downloaded and copy the icon to the Applications folder. Install it by clicking the icon in the application folder. Upon finishing, open the application.  

  • Search and Install the Game

Enter all the necessary credentials and open play store. Search for “Bejeweled” and click on install. 

Upon successful installation, open the game and enjoy playing it with no interruptions whatsoever. 

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