Battlefield is a renowned classic game that has provided players with various shooting games and adventures that have left them wanting more. But when you club world war two and a shooting game, then things become magical. The title up for discussion provides a similar affair in enabling players to do much more than just kill enemies. But to live a story that was created decades ago. 

FULL NAME:Battlefield 1942
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What is Battlefield 1942?

Reminiscent from its name, the battlefield has been the epicenter for all world war-themed games, and battlefield 1942 is no different. The game comprises a surreal fighting experience where players can choose to play along and fight against the AI or multiplayer through a LAN connection. 

There is no particular story, but you have to choose your troops and the squadron you belong to. The course of the war determines all battles. If you choose the United States, then your opponents would be Japan and so on. Quite the game if you are looking for some intensive graphics and great gameplay given the time and age it was launched. 

The game is developed by Digital Illusions. It is published by EA games. It launched back in 2004 for Microsoft windows. 

Key features of the game. 

  • Multiple gameplay formats. 

The overall game is a first-person shooting game that can be played as a single-player or multiplayer, where two countries have to fight. 

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  • Immersive graphics. 

When the game was released in 2004, it was quite different. It offered expectational graphics and physics for the destruction in the war. It depicts all the necessary physics and video animations of how the battle took place. 

  • Different weapons to choose from. 

Players can choose from a wide range of armories such as guns, pistols, machine guns, bomber aircraft, fighter jets, and much more. The usage of tanks is also a possibility. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • CPU – Intel Pentium. 
  • OS – Windows XP or higher. 
  • RAM – 512MB or higher. 
  • GPU – DirectX 9. 
  • Storage – 2GB. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Get the installation files. 

You will find the game on multiple third-party sites. It’s still hosted there. You can download the necessary mods depending on your preference to alter the gameplay of the game.  

  • Install it. 

Once downloaded, install the game. It’s by opening the installer and installing it by the given on-screen set of instructions. 

Download for Windows
  • Enjoy. 

Upon successfully installing the game, install the mods as well through a mod manager and enjoy the game right from the shortcut on the desktop. 

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