The evergreen, winsome, cheerful and most popular American cartoon character SpongeBob comes back with the dynamic video game released for the GameCube console in 3 D version. The hometown of the protagonist, SpongeBob is under attack by the bunch of duplicate robots created by plankton to wreak havoc over the underwater beautiful land of Bikini Bottom.

FULL NAME:Battle for Bikini Bottom ROM
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The player can control three characters namely SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy. The objective of the game is to collect shiny objects, game’s currency and defeat the robots. Each playable character has its unique features, strengths and weapons. They need to be judiciously used for particular levels. To switch between the characters, the player needs to find a bus stop. The SpongeBob can blow powerful bubbles to kill the robots.

The player needs to spend the shiny objects to buy ‘Golden Spatulas’. They are like the key to discover hidden locations in the game. The game is collection-based and the more useful items you have, the more easily you can advance in the game. There are certain harmful items such as spikes also available that needs to be ignored. The Spectroscopic underwater graphics and locations are very keen and soothing.

What Emulator to be used to play this game?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated (DVD-ROM)
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SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom releases for the GameCube console. To continue playing this game, you need to download and install an emulator that supports GameCube ROM on your device. For windows, you have DolphinX86, GCEmu, Gcube, SuperGCube, WhineCube, etc. as available choices. After installation, you can enjoy playing these exciting games without any inconvenience.

Three Related Games

The games based on iconic characters are always nostalgic and comforting to play. If you liked playing this game, then do check out similar games listed below.

Super Mario World

Featuring the paradigmatic character Mario and his friend Luigi, this run and jump video game is very similar to SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini World. Most of the characters that appear in other Mario game series are retained in this game with the advancement in mechanics and control system. The game was a best seller and the artistic graphics, animated character styles and map visions gained critical acclamation.

Hell Pie

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Hell Pie is an old-school adventurous video game. Having gameplay similar to Mario, SpongeBob and other games of the same genre, it is a treat for classic game lovers. The game involves discovering an antique land to collect cake-like items and defeat the enemies. The player advances to the next level once all the enemies are defeated. Do check out this game in your leisure time.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Similar to SpongeBob, the player controls the protagonist, Sonic, a blue hedgehog who defeats his land from the evil Dr Eggman. The game released in 1992 and it is still an evergreen way to past your time collecting gold rings, running and defeating the enemy. The game has several levels and the players need to fight the boss and defeat him in the end to win the game.

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