Would you like to have a free Screen Recorder App on your android device or your Desktop Computer? If yes, then you won’t have to spend time looking for a quality Screen Recorder App, because AZ Screen Recorder is the app that you’ve been looking for. The AZ Screen Recorder is capable of recording HD quality videos. Since AZ Recorder is an Android App, you can download it on Google Playstore or download it on your PC using an Android Emulator like Bluestacks, Nox or LDPlayer.

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When looking for a legit screen recorder, the AZ screen recorder is the right choice to make. It increases outstanding efficiency while still allowing you to make the required changes to meet your needs on your screen record. For someone in need of a PC screen recorder, the excellent features of the AZ screen recorder make it the best option.

AZ Screen Recorder is an open-source application with tons of features like screen recording, screen capture, live stream screen, video calls, etc. The app won’t necessitate its users to root their devices, ad-free, and no watermark displayed in your final output. It doesn’t have a time limit too. The interface is user-friendly since there’s only one button to press for starting and ending the video recording. 

A large number of video editors & screen recorders are present. Most of them are decent enough but only to their premium users. As with the AZ Screen Recorder, even though you are a free user, it operates and runs well. You can still trust this software to capture your device’s screen display quickly. What you need to do is press it once on the record button, and your recording will be up and running.

Key Features of AZ Screen Recorder

Simple Interface

One of the features of AZ Screen Recorder that made users love it is it’s simple yet elegant app interface. It has one button for star and the same button to end the screen recording, making it very user-friendly, especially for beginners. The minimalist and pretty straightforward interface of this app made it alluring to game streamers and other users. 

Video Quality Adjustment

Not all screen recording apps offer this promising feature. But this app provides numerous options to make the quality of the screen record excellent. You can either adjust the screen resolution, bit rate of screen, and orientation. There’s an additional feature that allows the users to pause the screen and play whenever they want to.  AZ Screen also offers full HD screen recordings and frequency selector. If there comes a time that you refuse to include bloopers in the final output, The AZ Screen Recorder also allows you to trim the unwanted clips of your video. 

Vast Language Choices

The AZ Screen Recorder was purposely made to cater many languages to suit any preferences by the users. Since AZ Screen Recorder holds the top position in the screen recording category, the available language on this app is wide enough to host common languages like; English, Czech, Italian, Polish, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Finnish. The vast language options feature is one of the features that cemented this app’s ranking to the top. 

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Light and small size

Most users prefer smaller applications for their PC because aside of being light to the desktop’s load, it’s also less hassle to download and run. Lag is minimal too if the app has a relatively small memory size since your PC won’t be having a hard time running this app. 

It has no time restrictions.

No users in the history of Screen-recording applications want to be restricted or limited to a certain amount of time usage; this is one of the key features that are consistently making AZ Screen recorder the best available screen recorder available in the market right now.

It does not require users to root their device.

To run the AZ screen recorder, this app does not require root access for the users’ devices. Neither would it include time restrictions, incorporating watermarks or advertisement convergence, this makes the software one of the most powerful video recorders to use. Ideally, doing the screen recording on your PC is one of the most potent applications for you.

Entirely ad-free

No users or streamers like to see ads surrounding the screen while they’re recording inside the app, good thing that AZ Screen Recorder is entirely ad-free and users won’t have to worry about ad popping anywhere in the interface. 

Installation of AZ Screen Recorder

As mentioned previously, this app is available for download on Google Playstore, so android device users can freely download this to their respective mobiles. However, if you want to use AZ Screen Recorder on your PC or MAC, then you would need to download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks or Nox. There are tons of available Android Emulators available on the market, but these two emulators are the top dogs with regards to feature and functionality. The purpose of Android Emulators is to allow Mobile-designed apps to run on your PC or MAC. 

How to download AZ Screen Recorder using the Emulator

Download for Windows

If you’ve already chosen and downloaded your Android Emulator of choice to use, then follow the steps below to download AZ Screen Recorder finally. Make sure that you read the Emulator’s user agreement.

  • Click on your PC’s folder where the Emulator file is situated.
  • When the Android Emulator opens, search for the AZ Screen Recorder on the Emulator’s search bar or store.
  • A list of applications will now display on your screen. 
  • Now, you have to click on the “Install” button and wait for the app installation to complete. 
  • After you download the AZ Screen Recorder app, go to your home page or downloaded apps and look for AZ Screen Recorder app. 

Now, you’re ready to use this fantastic Screen Recording app, and you can now record your desired videos. 

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