Axelay is a shooting action game published by Konami. It released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console. The plot is based on Science-fiction storey of invasion. The game is critically acclaimed. This is due to its unique horizontal as well as vertical gameplay style, plot and music. It features in the SNES Power Magazines super 18 categories.

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The story takes place in a fictional planetary system named Illis. But powerful Aliens called Armada of Annihilation attacks the planet. Axelay fighters go the conquer the mission of protecting the planet from these foreign invaders. The game begins with three available choices of weapon type such as a gun, a special gun and a bomb. However, he can switch anytime he wants.

The weapon’s armoury is updated each time the player advances to the next level. Enemy’s weapons cannot be collected. Therefore, new weapons can only be obtained at the next level. The objective of the game is to defeat all the Aliens and destroy their UFOs to save the planet. To unfold more insights about the mechanics, controls and combat techniques, check out this game right now!

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What Emulator is used to play this game?

Axelay released for the SNES ROM console. To play this game on your device, you need to download and install SNES emulator on your system. For windows, you can choose from SNEeSe 0.8.53b, SnEM 0.02w, SNES9x 1.53, ZSNES 1.51, etc.

For Android device, available emulator options are SNESDroid, Snes9x EX+ and Matsu 2.24.0.

Also, Mac users can select Bsnes as the emulator.

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Burial Fighter

A similar shooting adventure game like Axelay with 2 D playing environment. There are three levels available at the beginning of the game namely Eagle, Albatross and Ace. The player starts with a primary cannon. The cannon upgrades as the game advances to newer levels. The player needs to constantly move in any direction as standing at the edge can end the game. The main objective is to kill all of your enemies.


A dynamic shooting adventure game with a top-down visual approach. The game has three modes to select. This includes Shooting mode, Game Play and Exploration mode. Each mode has its features and uniqueness. The player needs to fight off an evil dictator with his helicopter. The gameplay contains seven challenging levels to defeat the dictator and be the master. It is very well garnished with stupendous graphics and astounding music.

Salamander 2

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Salamander 2 is a sequel of Salamander shooting game developed in 1997. The protagonist is the pilot of a spaceship flying in the enemy world. The player needs to smash the enemies before they take him down to advance to the new level. The enemies have various types of weapons and tools to break down the spaceship. Though the graphics are limited to 2D, the breathtaking excitement and realistic music make this game a must-check for all.

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