Avast clear is a software which acts as a vacuum cleaner to your computer system from the leftover residual files of Avast antivirus just for free. If the standard way is not useful and its residual files are sticking around as corona virus, you have the antivirus this time. It is Avast Clear which will act as a vaccine and clear it out so that no trails of it would be left behind. Because clearing the trails of antivirus manually can be a tedious job. So to avoid any hassle it’s best to use a dedicated utility which can be done by Avast Clear.

FULL NAME:Avast Clear

It is one of the specialized tools that is mending for a specific job is Avast clear. This software is all about cleaning your computer system from the residuals of the security solution added to your computer for system protection. Sometimes it may happen for many utilities that the antivirus software may be complicated to remove. To counter this, Avast has made a solution that can help you prevent the headache of yours when you want to remove a security-related product from your computer system.

Not only that, it will help you to remove Avast from 

professional, home or server editions, Avast for Kerio, BART CD manager, PDA edition or from Avast 32, with the help of this software you can also remove Avast free, pro or internet security starting from the fifth version to the latest version. Even if you want to remove the Avast managed client, Avast distributed network manager, Avast business protection (plus), this software will fully help you.

The conclusion is that if you ever find yourself in trouble in deleting any of these products, make sure you use Avast Clear because it does its job entirely.

Key Features:-

  • Compatibility: – It is a very compatible type of software that will run fine under Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and also in all variants of Windows XP. Its compatibility is enormous doesn’t matter which type of windows you are using.
  • Selection: – This is software that helps removing the selected programs means you can remove the selected program files which you can choose from the directory. So now you can remove the files of your desire and keep what you need.
  • Boosting: – This software will help you boost up your computer system. It will also enhance its performance by cleaning all the leftover files of any security solution installed on your system which could be left behind even if you uninstall the security software.
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  • Updates: – The driver updater will automatically perform its task of updating drivers with just a single click, and your driver will be updated without any difficulty.
  • Problem fixer: – It is a fantastic feature through which you can fix some of the most problematic issues like crashes and freezes as it has got the quick fix tools for both pro and novices, which will resolve all of these issues.


Step 1:- Open a browser of your choice and search for AVAST CLEAR.

Step 2:- Go to its official site and click on download and start downloading.

Step 3:- Once downloaded, open the folder where it is located.

Step 4:- Double click on the downloaded file and click on install to run the software.

Step 5:- Follow the commands on your computer screen and finally click on finish to complete the installation.

Step 6:- The installation is completed; click on the icon created and start using Avast Clear.

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