AutoHotKey is a free open-source automation scripting language developed for Microsoft Windows. The software was developed by Chris Mallet and Steve Gray and was released in 2003. The software allows users to easily script small to complex tasks like macros, form fillers, auto-clicking, etc. The software allows users to easily extend or modify the user interface and also to automate repetitive tasks in any Windows related application. 


AutoHotKey gives users the freedom to be able to automate any kind of Windows file and thanks to its simple and out-of-the-box interface, anyone from a beginner to an expert can work on creating hotkeys and automating their applications easily. Beginners can make their way into the software easily by using the built-in commands, and experts can work their way by with the full-fledged scripting language, which will help in fast prototyping and also for smaller projects. The software contains its own web-based documentation and extensive help file.

Features of AutoHotKey

  • Key Binds: Users can define keys for the mouse and keyboard, create auto-correct like replacements, and remap keys and buttons. Users can automate their simple tasks like adding a signature to their emails and message boards. Creating these hotkeys are quite simple with the software, and users can do them with just a few clicks. 
  • Functionality: The software can be used to launch programs, emulate keystrokes, open documents, and Unicode characters, mouse clicks, and movements. They can also assign, retrieve and manipulate variables and window files, run loops and folders. Users can achieve even more complex tasks with custom entry data forms, by working with system registry or using Windows API. You can do this by calling functions from DLL. You can also automate simple tasks like setting reminders and alarms using this software, and also the user can schedule a system scan or a backup at any time. The software allows users to monitor their system and create capabilities that help in closing unwanted programs automatically. 
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  • Coding: The entire source code was written in C++, and the user can compile these in Visual Studio Express. Users can produce data into an executable file that can be run on computers easily who do not have AutoHotKey installed. Furthermore, scripts can be coded to be automatically started to function during startup without the need to interact with the keyboard at all. The software can also be used to perform file manipulations at a set interval.
  • Remapping: The software has the capability to remap the entire keyboard, from QWERTY to Dvorak and also to other different kinds of format. Users can also automate to control the mouse using a keyboard or a joystick. 

 Installation Requirements for AutoHotKey

To install AutoHotKey on PC, make sure that the following requirements are met.

  • PC – Make sure that your PC is on Windows 7 or higher with at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Compatibility Mode is enabled.

How to Download AutoHotKey on Windows

Follow the below steps to download and install AutoHotKey on your PC:

  1. Go to AutoHotKey’s website, and go to Downloads.
  2.  Click on Download Now.
  3. Select ‘Save’ to download the program. The file will be saved in the Downloads folder.
  4. If you want to save in a specified folder on your desktop, then click on ‘Save As’ and select the folder you want the program to be saved.
  5. After the download is complete click on the .exe file.
  6. The installation process will start.
  7. Run the installation package.
  8. Wait until the update completes
  9. Follow the Windows installation instructions and select options accordingly.
  10. Click on Finish to complete the installation.
  11. The program icon will appear on the desktop.
  12.  Select the icon to start the application.

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