The joy of creating 3D objects in a well equipped intuitive environment is unparalleled. For years, big tech corporations have sought to create such environments for the creative minds dwelling in the developer world. But not many have left a lasting impact in said world. Autodesk became the forerunner in this developmental race when it came up with Autodesk 123D. It is an exclusive modelling software that lets users manipulate objects in a 3D environment.

FULL NAME:Autodesk 123d Make
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It comes packed with a wide range of tools that help achieve this feat. Featuring a simple yet attractive interface, users are bound to ease into the controls of the software quickly. There is no compulsion to watch tutorials to get started. 123D is a wonderful playground that lets you toy with the tools for hours on end. You can learn the ropes by way of trial and error. 3D modelling will never seem as simple as 123D makes it to be, that is a promise.

Key Features Of Autodesk 123D Make 

Object Optimisation

Twist and turn your objects into various angles, gently morphing it into a shape of your liking. Change the material, colour, size and thickness of the object. It is like moulding clay into a solid shape and painting it later. Work on your object formation until you are finally satisfied with the result. 

Different Construction Techniques

Suppose you have a thin cubical structure that you want to turn into a jigsaw puzzle. Using different slicing tools, you can outline puzzle pieces on the digital cardboard and pull them away. This is just an example of one of the construction techniques available on 123D. There are several more techniques that let you make a variety of slices in radial and triangular shapes.

Automatic Error Detection

Autodesk 123D Make - Download
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Having someone point your mistakes out can be frustrating. But in 123D, it is a godsend. Sometimes, your hawkeye can miss out on details that 123D quickly catches on through the object optimisation process. It notifies you instantly and even makes suggestions on how you can rectify your errors. Simply put, it acts as a guide through the entire rendering process.

How To Download On PC

  1. To download this software on your PC, visit the link This is a tested virus-free link to download the software.
  2. When the page opens, click on ‘Download Now’. You will be directed to a second link within the same site. 
  3. Here, you will find the system requirements of the software. Click the .exe download link only if your PC meets the requirements.
  4. Run this .exe file on the system. Follow the installation instructions in the setup window until the very end.
  5. Finally, click ‘Ok’. 123D Make will install successfully on PC.

How To Download On Mac

  • To download this software on Mac, visit the link
  • When the page opens, click the ‘Download Now’ button. This causes the exe file to download on the system.
  • Run this file. Skim through the setup instructions by pressing ‘Ok’ until the end.
  • Great! Your 3D designing tool is now available for use on your Macbook.
Download for Windows

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