Audible is a great audio bookstore that you can visit from the comfort of your home. Like any expansive library, Audible is stacked with rows and rows of books. These books can be bought at a low price. Users can buy the library cards that enable them to access Audible content for a monthly charge. While it may not be as popular in India, Audible happens to the biggest audiobook retailer in the United States. It is natural that service on this grand of a scale has its own managing app. The Audible Manager is a companion app to Audible. It is a cosy virtual reading room where the user can arrange his Audible material neatly in shelves. Since the excessive reading and audio material is placed indistinguishable rows, the user can pick whatever he wants to read or listen to by a flick of the finger. Basically, all your Audible podcasts and books are arranged in one giant shelf.

FULL NAME:Audible Manager

Key Features Of Audible Manager

Connect To Device
Once you download the audible manager, you can connect to your audible library. This library can then be accessed on a Windows or Mac platform. Browse through your collection and download audiobooks onto your system so they can be accessible offline too. You can subsequently store these downloaded files in handy devices like iPod, MP3 players and phones. 

Completely Free

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Unlike Kindle and other similar services, Audible gives you free access to all its content. You don’t have to pay to listen to exclusive podcasts or read enchanting books. For a freeware service, Audible’s shelves sure are well stocked with books that suit everyone’s reading taste. It easily surpasses physical bookstores when it comes to supplying readers with new content every week.

How To Download On System

Audible Manager is your go-to content organiser. Sure, iTunes is a great alternate app but unlike Audible Manager, it is not a companion piece to Audible. Thus, it lacks in some of the features we mentioned above. So if you are an avid user of Audible, you should definitely use Audible manager on all your devices.

Download on PC

  1. To download Audible Manager on PC, go to the link:
  2. Click on the ‘Download Now’ button. The .exe file starts to download automatically.
  3. Now run this file on your system. Keep following the installation instructions until the end.
  4. Great! Your Audible Manager is now ready to start working on your PC.

Download on Mac

Although you can use the same link as above, we will show an alternate method of download here:

  1. Visit the link Here, you will find a download link for the software’s zip file.
  2. Once the zip file is downloaded, extract its contents. Run the .exe file that you find in it.
  3. The setup window pops up. Follow the installation instructions it entails until the end.
  4. With the last click, your Audible Manager will install successfully on your Mac.

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