Coding is never an easy task provided that you have multiple lines of codes to be complied with correctly to ensure that it works correctly without fail. Developers are looking for the best software to help them code correctly; for those looking to have a text editor to code HTML, we have one special software up for discussion today. 

Download for Windows

What is an Atom?

As peculiar as the name might sound, the atom is the modern solution of a text editor that customizes anything without even touching the configuration file. It’s quite the software as it helps in choosing thousands of source files and build programs with additional features and publish it for everyone to use. 

The UI is quite polished and offers a refined look, and is an offline tool with no online connection required. The software is exclusively available for Windows and macOS.

File:Atom 1.0 icon.png - Wikimedia Commons
Download for Windows


Key features of the software. 

Cross-platform editing. 

You can use the software across different platforms. The files can be transferred from one platform to another effortlessly. 

Find and replace. 

Through this feature, users can find the text or part of the code to be edited with a button click. 

System browsers. 

Browser through entire projects or parts of the project, all in a singular window. 

Package manager. 

From the software, you can search for new packages or install newer ones right from the software. 

Multiple panes.

Edit effortlessly all through multiple windows panes, which lets you have a split user interface.  

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the installation file. 

The installation file can be downloaded from the official website of the software. 

  • Install it. 

Once downloaded, then double click on the installer and install the software based on your preference and settings. 

  • Enjoy. 

Have fun using it as per your preference. 

Download for Windows

How to download and install it on macOS?

  • Download the DMG file. 

The DMG file is hosted on the official website. Download the latest version of the software. 

  • Install it. 

Once downloaded, they open the installer and follow the on-screen set of instructions to correctly install the software. 

  • Have fun. 

Upon successfully installing the software. Enjoy coding in the text editor, which makes the experience quite a lovable affair. 

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