Ever since the invention of laptops, computer systems have become more accessible to a more significant number of people. While the advantages of laptops overshadow their disadvantages, many still prefer having desktops.

But when a person might be traveling from one place to another and wishes to access their desktop from their workplace/home, things can become a bit of a hassle. At this time of need, AnyDesk comes to rescue with the excellent features that it has to offer. 

FULL NAME:AnyDesk for Windows

What is AnyDesk?

Any Desk is a tool/application that lets anyone access their desktop remotely from an Android/iOS device by connecting to the Mac or Windows system.

The primary features of the application include the ability to access any file right from your mobile phone with great ease and speed. Through a stable internet connection, streaming the contents of your computers is also viable.

Also, through DeskRT, the videos transmitted to your viewing device will be smoother and seamless. The connections are established quickly, no matter the location. 


The tool also enables users to share files, customize the UI remotely, collaborate online, and more. Setting up the connection requires a unique identification code between the two devices to ensure a secure connection. The overall connection is safeguarded via TLS1.2 encryption and you can also add password for additional protection. 

You can perform file transfers, restart your PC, print files, etc. with this software too, and save the connection via shortcuts. When the same connection is reconnected to the system, you can choose amongst the previously saved connections for your system. 

Key Features of AnyDesk

Reliable Security Features

As mentioned earlier, this software uses TLS1.2 encryption for a safe and secure connection. On the computer system, there can be several permissions that may or may not granted to the user who is trying to access the system.

You can control several features such as sounds from the computer, keyboard and mouse, monitor viewing, and more seamlessly. Any data that you share is securely stored on the hard drive of the computer. 

Remote Maintenance

With the one-click unattended access, you can set up printers or other external peripheral devices in a breeze using this software. 

Reliable Access

Accessing your files, data, multimedia content from your desktop is instantly available. Also, you don’t need to download any plugins or external software, simply open, connect, and enjoy. 

Lower Rate of Latency 

This software also integrates new codecs so that you can enjoy a lag-free experience. Delays aren’t acceptable, and AnyDesk makes it a pleasant viewing experience to use the tool without any trouble. 

Stream Effectively 

It is often found that a stable internet connection makes it easier to view content with higher frame rates and smooth motion content. But with Any Desk’s innovative streaming adaptability, you can enjoy smooth sessions even on connections made on 100 kB/s. 

Higher Frame Rates 

This software also ensures that you enjoy constant 60FPS without any stuttering in the streaming content of your desktop remotely. However, this largely depends on the internet connection established with the computer/laptop and the mobile operating device. 

Effective Collaboration

You can also use AnyDesk to collaborate for small scale business from a remote location whenever you want. It is easy to keep track of all the contacts and the status of every online collaborator in real-time. You can help your partners with online teamwork and work on multiple things at the same time. 

How to Download and Install AnyDesk on PC

Download AnyDesk Software

To use the application, ensure that AnyDesk is downloaded on your computer system and the mobile phone. The application is available on Any Desk’s official site. For mobile devices, you can check out the Google Playstore and the App Store. 

Install the Application

Once the application is downloaded, install the application by following all the instructions as displayed on the screen. While there might be several permissions to adhere to, it’s all mostly for safety and terms & conditions. 

Start Remotely Accessing your Content 

After successful installation, open the application on the computer and mobile device. Set up the application as desired. Enter the codes displayed on the computer onto the phone.

Ensure that secured connections are established on each of the devices to have a stable streaming service. 

How to Download and Install AnyDesk on MAC

Download the Installation Package

The DMG file is available on the official site. Based on the version, the file size might vary. 

Install the Application on Mac

Once you have downloaded, open the file. The system will verify it and then copy-paste the icon to the Applications folder. Now, follow the instructions on the desktop to install the software. You will also need to agree to the permissions required for the installation process.

After a successful installation, you can go ahead and delete the DMG file. 

Start Using the Application

Now, you can open the software so that you can set it up according to your preferences. Based on the mobile device, install the application on it. Enter the concurrent codes on each of the devices and start streaming seamlessly. 

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