With a constant evolution of technology, our focus has always been transferred from phones to pc or Pc to tablets, and the list is never-ending. But only a few understand that pc is way more personal than any other devices, because they store a lot of your information starting from your credit cards, photos and many more things. They are the key for two-factor authorisation logins in your social networks or online transactions. 

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Therefore, it is quite essential to protect your device.

Even there are a lot of applications present out there that will store your passwords securely and let you send private and self-destructive messages, but without any doubt, we can say that the main thing for the internet is a browser. So, Do you trust your browser? Are you sure it is safe? Do you have specific browsers’ that developers do not track?

Looking at the other side, a lot of regular users don’t know they are at risk with each passing day since they are not experts and they don’t even understand how privacy works and what it is.

What is Aloha Browser?

 Millions of people have chosen Aloha Browser as their default search engine, because Aloha does the best and also maintains privacy at its best.  If you are thinking of changing your web browser to Aloha and still confused why it’s the best? Here’s the answer to your question-

Aloha is a free full-featured browser for iOS and Android. Aloha provides maximum privacy and security for your app as well as mobile.

Not only this, but Aloha features a free, unlimited VPN as well for free so that you can browse safely. A download manager is also provided to organise all the things that you need to download. A public WiFi protection module, a relaxed private mode that you can lock with TouchID or password and much more. 

Downloading Aloha Browser with Free VPN for your device

  • To download and install Aloha Browser on your PC you can easily do it with the help of Blue stacks emulator.
  • Download the bluestacks and install the software. After completion of the installation process, look out for Play store and search for Aloha Browser. 
Aloha Browser - private browser for mobiles: iPhone, iPad, Android
Download for Windows
  • After downloading the Aloha application, you are all set to use Aloha Browser. 

Advantages of Using Aloha Browser

  • Aloha doesn’t track and collect any data.

Browsers such as Chrome, Safari are owned by big corporations. And they use it to collect what you are browsing so that they can use this information to target your advertisements and improve their product. But the question arises? Do you know what they do with this data? No one knows, and no one never will. 

Whereas Aloha doesn’t collect any data, your searches, your location, websites that you are visiting and so on. Also, it sends reports about all the disturbance happening with the browser itself. But if you change the settings, it will not send you the notifications as well.

  • Aloha also protects your passwords from being stolen on public WiFi as well.
  • Aloha also has built-in AdBlock. As we all know the biggest buyers and spyers are advertising networks. Aloha’s ad-block cut down most ad networks codes and trackers so that you can’t track you. Plus it saves a lot of data and loads faster.
  • With the Aloha VPN, you did not need to sign up and no logs at servers. Aloha doesn’t ask you for your email to sign up.
  • If you are travelling, you can use the Aloha VPN to go privately to restricted sites and enjoy your freedom.
  • Aloha also keeps your information private when someone else is using your phone.
Download for Windows


While privacy is a concern these days, Aloha browser brings you all the required features to keep your information safe and secure. 

Please go and check out the Aloha Browser and let us know about your views on Aloha.  

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