If you think of horror and thrill together, then the Alien Blackout game is the right choice for you. It was developed back in the year 2019. Although this game is new on the platform, it is gaining a lot more attention day by day because of its realistic features. The central concept on which it works is- survival in a plot full of horror situations, which means survival of the fittest. This game’s ultimate aim is to defeat the hunter by looking on to the members of your crew and the space station. The game is played offline and is played by a single user only.

FULL NAME:Alien Blackout
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The players will be provided with seven different levels to fight and survive in. Graphics of this game is designed in such a way that it gives the player the most realistic experience of horror. Players will have cameras for surveillance, motion tracker devices, and holographic map, which they will use to escape from Xenomorph. The terror which you will feel while playing the game will surely give a chill to your nerves. Amanda Ripley is the main character here in the plot. The best part of this game is the unpredictable and uncertain nature of the aliens attacking the player anytime. 

Key features:-

●      High graphic and sound quality – This feature is included to feel the plot and give them a realistic experience while they are playing the game. This feature keeps this game in demand.

●      Seven stages– The game Alien Blackout consists of seven stages, which will keep the players intact with their seats. All the levels have different types of challenges and horror which the player needs to tackle to escape. So the player might not know what is waiting for him/her in the next scene, which makes it even more challenging.

●      Either survive or die – The different things available like the map or space stations should be used correctly if the player needs to stay in the game. There is no option to save or restart in between the ongoing level. The player will have three slots of power to cross the level.

Alien: Blackout: Appstore for Android
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●      Classic plot play – The developers have designed the whole plot to feel horror and fear are not lost. As the players go to a higher level, the challenges and horror level increase, attracting many gamers.

Steps to download and install it on PC/MAC by BlueStacks:-

Step 1 – Search BlueStacks and download it on your device.

Step 2 – Install it and complete the procedure by signing it through Google.

Step 3 – Access the Play Store and search Alien Blackout on the search bar present on the screen.

Step 4 – Install the app by clicking on the install button.

Step 5 – Now complete the remaining procedure by signing in from Google.

Step 6 – Go to the home screen and click on the Alien Blackout icon and enjoy the game.

Steps to download and install it on PC/MAC by NOX Player:-

Step 1 – Search and download the NOX Player on your device.

Step 2 – Install the app by signing in through Google.

Step 3 – Now install the exact APK file on your device and download it into the NOX Player.

Step 4 – Now search the Alien Blackout game from the search box.

Step 5 – Download and install the app by clicking on the button present there.

Download for Windows

Step 6 – Complete the remaining process through Google sign in 

Step 7 – Click on the icon of the game from the home screen and enjoy the play.

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