Backing up an iPhone to a computer is never an easy process due to their requirements of iTunes as necessary for any iPhone, iPod, iPad backup.

While the things that one can perform through iTunes is limited, there are other apps on the internet that are quite helpful.

These apps help in making several changes in a connected apple device that works smoothly. So, we have one such app that will make it a revolutionary experience for the user to use their iPhones at peace. 

FULL NAME:3uTools for Windows

What is 3uTools? 

3uTools is an all in one software that helps in managing the music, videos, ringtones, and other multimedia content over an extensive array of apple devices. It does a fantastic job of providing additional features such as ringtone maker, video converter, jailbreak tools, etc. 

The application is free of cost and the user interface is quite intuitive as well. The software displays the connected iPhone’s battery status, product name, model number, etc. Also, jailbreaking an iPhone is quite easy with a single click of a button through the software. 

Other advanced features include SHSH backup, declutter unnecessary files from an iPhone, activate the virtual location, baseband upgrade or downgrade, record iPhone screen from the computer, delete invalid icons, and much more. 

The software supports a wide array of iPhones, iPad’s, and iPods. Transfer of data from an android device to an iPhone is a seamless process. Backups are manageable where the user can decide to view, recover, or delete the backup of multiple apple devices all from one platform. 


Even the call logs made from an iPhone can be viewed from the application. Create new ringtones, download wallpapers, restart your device, download games, update your phones, etc. are few of the countless features the software has in store for its user. 

3utools is free software made especially for the Windows operating system running versions from XP to 10. Also, iTunes should be installed before you download the application. 

Key features of 3uTools

  • Efficient iOS File Management

Management all aspects of an iPhone is now a feasible process. Get seamless access to the ringtones, music, videos, multimedia files, etc. all from a click of a button. Even jailbreak your devices easily with no complicated procedure. 

  • All-in-One iOS Helper

3utools helps the user in backing up data, changing the ringtone, delete invalid icon’s, convert videos and more. 

  • Jailbreak

Jailbreaking an iPhone has never been an easy process. With the software support for iOS flash in normal mode, recovery mode and DFU mode, jailbreak multiple iPhones at ease. 

  • Multiple Wallpapers and Ringtones 

There are several distinctive ringtones and wallpapers for users to choose and download for your iPhones. 

How to Download and Install 3uTools on PC

  • Download the Application

Its official website hosts the application. Download the version compatible with your operating system version. 

  • Install the Software

After the successful downloading of the installer is completed, open it. Run the installer through the given set of on-screen instructions.  

  • Enjoy

Open the application after its installs and enjoy the extensive array of features that the software has in store for its users. 

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