Managing phones via computers can get challenging. While android phones have seamless compatibility, iOS is quite notorious. iPhones, in general, aren’t easy to alter and does require a lot of effort to get one thing changed or implemented.

But with the help of computer-oriented software, everything seems to be possible. Today, we are going to share something similar, which could help you out in managing both android and iOS devices.  

FULL NAME:25PP for Windows
Download for Windows

What is 25PP?

25PP is free software that lets users manage either android or iOS devices. Through the app, one can download games, manage backups, clean temporary files, free up storage, and much more. It’s a software that is very helpful for a device that has no play store or app store. 

The primary drawback would be the interface. The language itself is in Chinese. But once you get a hang of it, navigating through the software becomes more comfortable. One can find their backups and recover them for their iPhones. Also, the software lets the user know about the charge level of their devices from the interface. 

Though the application was discontinued for Windows and macOS, there are few sites that host the application but only for the Windows platform. 

Download for Windows

Key Features of 25PP

  • Lots of Tools for Managing iPhones

The software lends and extensive hand in managing the user’s iOS device. Through seamless backup to file exchange, the software has it all. 

  • Backup, Restore and More 

Let it be an iPhone or an Android device, created multiple backups of each operating device on the software. One can manage them; however they wish to do so. 

  • Installation of Apps

Those devices that neither have a play store nor have an app store can use the software to download their favourite applications onto their devices. 

  • Easy to Manage Device

There are surplus tools to choose from, which proves to help manage your overall device. 

How to Download and Install 25PP on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the application

Finding the installation package for the software is a tedious task. Though the software was discontinued, several third-party sites host the software. Download it. 

  • Open it

Open the installation package and let the software install. 

  • Enjoy

Once installed successfully, open the program and enjoy managing your devices effortlessly. (NOTE – changing the language may or may not be possible)

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