Cyber Ops is a hacking game and is based on the theme of cyberpunk. It is told from the perspective of a mission control supervisor. He is operating from a distance and helping the team of ops in reaching the goals.

The game is staged at the fictional nation of Balta. You will be playing the role of a hacker who has the ability to scan, control, overtake and manage High-Tec devices, enemy cyborgs and vehicles. You will be working for a government agency. Your job is to protect your nation from every kind of next-generation threats and risks. 

The game has a story campaign of over six hours. During this time, you have to assist the infiltration squads who are deployed at different intervals of the game. You have to show your tactics and hacking skills in order to guide the squads. You are capable of hacking anything and everything, for instance, vehicles, doors, cyborgs and so on. You have a retro-futuristic computer interface, and also the squads keep on giving you real-time audio feedback.

The six hours of story exposes you to missions full of political intrigue, cyberpunk themes and investigations. The mechanics that help you to perform so effortlessly are also quite amazing. Also, you can recruit new ops into the squad and manage the squad. You are free to research and develop latest and upgraded cyber implants for improving the performance of the agents. The set-up of the game gives a retro-futuristic vibe. You will love the dark analogue synth-based music which was extremely popular in the 80s.

The concept is indeed great if not unique. The game is a perfect blend of hacking skills, tactical strategies and stealth. While playing the game, you will be feeling like a hacker in a movie, who saves the world at the end of the day and turns out to be a heroic figure.

So if you love to play such games then do not forget to try your luck in this cybercrime based game.

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