Are you a constant net browser? Are you careful about your PC status and speed? Having an antivirus in your computer does not help in getting rid of malware and spyware. You need a fully-fledged, advanced PC scanner and malware remover to maintain the good health of your system. To help you out, ComboFix 2020 software has arrived. Use this amazing software in your device and you will experience an unbelievable speed boost.

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ComboFix is a free software which removes harmful spyware, viruses and malware from your system. For instance, SurfSideKick, QooLogic, and Look2Me are the common spyware deteriorating your PC and filling disk space. ComboFix provides a deep scan and manual removal features which is very convenient for the users. It is a specialized tool and no other existing applications possesses deep scanning and all the types of threat removal property.

ComboFix creates a detailed report of all the threats to your computer after every scan. Users can manually check and remove the files or applications if they are not automatically erased. ComboFix comes in handy with a plethora of options and features. Once you explore it, you will get to know how easy the interface and overall control is. Due to its highly equipped support and design, it is often suggested to use the software with utmost care if you do not want to remove any important file on your PC by mistake.

Key Features

The unnecessary lagging of the CPU and delay in launching any critical applications are always very tiresome and hectic. To give yourself and your PC a good relief, you need to install ComboFix software. Some of its unique features are listed below.

Total Protection

ComboFix software provides total protection to your PC and web browser from any sort of online malware and spyware. It scans for the threats and viruses in your device. You can increase your PC speed using it. ComboFix allows you to enhance web security to avoid any sort of hacking. 

Privacy Support

ComboFix protects your private information and removes spyware. In case, during the deep cleaning any of your important files get deleted, it provides a full backup facility in hand. You do not need to worry about the loss of useful data.

Multi-functional software

ComboFix allows you to clean the viruses, malware, spyware and other combination of these threats using a single software interface. However, there are other different applications dedicated to clean only one type of threat. So, instead of installing several such cleanup utilities, ComboFix can do your work using a single software. Isn’t it a great deal? 

How To Install ComboFix on Windows

ComboFix will help in enhancing your PC performance and speed by removing unwanted threats. Follow the steps listed below to install and use it in your device.

Download Combofix AntiVirus 2020 for Windows 10, 8, 7 - Antivirus 2020
Download for Windows

Installation Steps

  1. Firstly, open the web browser in your device and download the ComboFix software installation file from the link available on this webpage.
  2. You can save the file in the downloads or any other folder in your device.
  3. Run the application to install it.
  4. Choose the desired location to store the application in your PC.
  5. Follows the instruction that appears on the pop-up installation window, then click next and proceed until finish option arrives.
  6. Disable all existing cleanup tools or antiviruses on your device and close all opened tabs or windows before launching the scan.

That’s all you need to do! Perform a scan now.

Download for Windows

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