Medieval action-adventure games are often interesting to play and offer some different level of the gameplay experience. Though many games provide such an experience, few combine a unique level of richness and gratitude in terms of adventure and action-packed events. But here are going to discuss a different game that was made by Konami and deserves some amount of recognition. 

FULL NAME:Castlevania 64
CONSOLENintendo 64 (N64)
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What is Castlevania 64?

Castlevania 64 is an immersive role-playing action-oriented game. The overall backdrop of the game resonates with a Meddiveal time that is packed with magic. There are quite a lot of quests that the game offers to the users. Along with this, the overall gameplay involves the user jumping from one towers base to another with different orientations and difficulty. 

Characters have their form of protection and weaponry. Users can choose from whips, knives, archers, swords, and more with different character selection. But the game also includes horror sequences, and most of it is packed with it. If you are someone that can’t take a big cup of spookiness, then skipping this game would be a feasible option. 

The emulator is suitable for playing this game. 

The game was launched on different platforms but excelled much in the Game Cube platform. Thus, if you are someone looking to play this game on a computer, the Dolphin X86 should do justice in getting the best out of the game. 

Castlevania 64
Castlevania 64
Download for Windows

Which Emulator to Choose for the Game?

Dolphin X86 is a unique emulator that provides a plethora of features for users to utilize to the fullest. The customization options bundled with a unique user interface make the learning curve easier. The emulator also provides users the option to connected external controllers to make full use of the cross-platform feature the emulator has in store for you. Though the ROM size might be huge, the emulator does a fascinating job of running the game smoothly without any interruptions.  

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Download for Windows

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