Classic adventure games are of various formats. They can either bring something new to the table or take the same pre-existing structure and take it one step further. Nevertheless, such games become classics and offer something new entirely. But for those of you that are interested in vampires and hunting down demons, then we have an extraordinary retro-style gaming venture here today. 

FULL NAME:Castlevania 3
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What is Castlevania 3?

Castlevania 3 is one of the most oversized iterations of the Castlevania series. It’s one of the best 8-bit gameplay offering titles that takes place 100 years before the first original game was released. In other words, you have to play as the main character, father. 

Different playable characters offer various powerups and special abilities. One can climb walls, while the other can turn into a bat. Others are magicians and can cast spells seamlessly. 

The game was way ahead of its time during release and continues to be one of the best titles of the Castlevania series. But every game has that final boss level, which helps players to conquer the game. Trust us, that’s the coolest part of this game and the best in the entire franchise. 

Castlevania 3
Castlevania 3
Download for Windows

Which emulator to use, and why?

The game was released on several Nintendo oriented consoles. But the one central platform which took the spotlight was on Nintendo Emulator System A.K.A. N.E.S. The platform was the first of its kind and did revolutionize the gaming industry forever. But to play the game on your system, then an N.E.S. emulator would be required. For this very purpose, we would recommend using the FCEUX emulator. 

Amongst the N.E.S. community, FCEUX is quite popular, all thanks to the surplus features that the emulator has to offer. Even customizability is of plenty that would satisfy developers and players alike. 

The emulator provides tools for ROM-hacking, video recording, debugging, creation of speed runs, and more. It offers full joystick support with full-screen support for that immersive experience. Customization of controls, input configurations are all feasible in the emulator.  

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Ys 3 – Wanderer from Ys

The game doesn’t dwell into the mysterious world of demons and Dracula’s. Instead, it dives deeper into the traditional 8-bit 2D animation adventure games. The game is packed with the typical adventure scenarios of fighting enemies and defeating bosses.  

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Castlevania: Circle of the moon

The story is quite an emotional one where the apprentance goes to look out for his master. Though the game is the traditional tale of every Castlevania story, it’s quite immersive in the aspects of gameplay and the overall story framing it comprises. The game is available on the GBA platform. 

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