Action and adventure games do bring joy and happiness to anyone that might be playing the game. It’s more of a time eliminator that ensures that players are entertained and satisfied with what they have to do within the game. But there are a few franchises that have an exciting tale of twists and turns, making it the best experience of all times. 

FULL NAME:Castlevania 2
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What is Castlevania 2?

Castlevania 2 is an RPG game that takes place in a mysterious land where your character Simon is trapped with Dracula’s curse. The entire game revolves around Simon trying to find Dracula’s body parts and assemble them. Once assembled, resurrect him and defeat him to be free of the spell. 

But the game has an exciting twist. The fast you finish the game, the different the ending scenario. It’s an excellent time-killing game that sets players to all types of emotions, thrills, and excitement packed into one game. 

Castlevania 2
Castlevania 2
Download for Windows

Which Emulator to be used?

When the game was launched initially, it was available on the NES platform. But for those looking to play the game on the same platform, they can do so from their computers. Download RetroArch to achieve that perfect NES game emulation right from the comfort of your computer. 

RetroArch is one of the popular NEW emulators out there owing to its extensive array of customizability and feature-filled options. The emulator enables users to customize the layout of the controls, gameplay interface, use a variety of external peripherals, and more.

Three Related Games

Castlevania Bloodlines

The game revolves around time, traveling, and putting a stop to the movements of the Dracula. It’s a game that takes the player back and forth through centuries with its immersive gameplay and graphics. There is a lot at stake in the game and indeed provides a spookiness in the characters that the users can select to play the game. 


The very first iteration of the Castlevania family doe has a simple story to it. Your character has to defeat several monsters and defeat Dracula in the end. As simple as it seems, the gameplay is quite tedious and will take multiple times to defeat few bosses and other enemies. 

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Castlevania 64

The strategy is a whole part of the game. Players have to jump through different levels, which are either stationary or moving. It’s not all about jumping, but they have to be aware of the environmental hazards that come with it. There are some invisible platforms as well, which provide players with hidden treasures and other artifacts to helps defeat enemies. 

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